KHON2 (11/20/19): Waianae Speed Bump Complaints

Sara Mattison, “Vehicles Having Trouble Getting Over Steep Raised Crosswalks in Waianae” (KHON2, 20 Nov. 2019). “Transportation Department officials tell us the raised crosswalks are steeper than what they wanted to build. They say they used an old topographic survey on file instead of doing a new one to get more information for that area.”

Senator Shimabukuro: “I did hear there was an accident involving a military vehicle that had slowed down because of the speed bump, and then somebody crashed into them. It’s a lesson learned, and I know that the DOT has the best intentions. I’m so glad that they did what they did because we’ve needed something drastic to happen in this community. The pedestrian fatalities are still out of control.”