Hawaii DOH Recommendations for Extra Mumps Vaccination

The State of Hawaii is experiencing an outbreak of mumps. Mumps is a contagious virus infection with symptoms that are similar to the flu. It is spread via coughing, sneezing and touching of infected items.

The mumps vaccine is not 100 percent effective, and in some cases immunity seems to diminish with time. The Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) is now recommending that persons who live or work in
crowded conditions should receive an extra mumps vaccination. The extra mumps shot is specifically recommended for individuals born after 1956 who:

  1. have had two doses of the vaccine ten or more years ago;
  2. have had one dose of the vaccine five or more years ago; or
  3. are not sure of whether they had the disease or any prior mumps vaccination.

The new DOH guidance is online here. For additional information, click here.

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