Sen. Shimabukuro’s New 2017 Committee Assignments 

I am happy to announce my new committee assignments for the 2017 legislative session:

  • Hawaiian Affairs, Chair
  • Ways and Means, Member
  • Transportation and Energy, Member
  • International Affairs and the Arts, Member

Regretfully, I had to leave my Judiciary and Labor Vice Chair position in order to become a member of Ways and Means, since the two committees meet at the same time. However, I believe that I am now in a better position to further the interests of the Leeward Coast. I am very grateful that my new committee requests were granted. Here is a full listing of the 2017 Senate committees, and their meeting times:

Star-Adv: ‘Isle Volunteer Opportunities Are Described on Websites’ (12/5/16)

Excerpt from Christine Donnelly’s “Isle volunteer opportunities are described on websites” (Kokua Line, Star-Advertiser, 5 Dec. 2016):

There are several websites that match Hawaii volunteers with specific areas of interest and causes that need support. As a short-term volunteer, your guest might have fewer options than a year-round resident, but with so many nonprofits needing volunteer labor and other resources, she’s sure to find something suitable.

Be sure that she double-checks with her college to ensure that she meets whatever requirements the educational institution imposes, in terms of hours contributed. Here are few sites:

  • is an A-to-Z directory of Hawaii groups that welcome volunteers, as compiled by the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s Service Learning Program. Entries on this easy-to-read list link to the websites of the individual nonprofits and agencies, where you’ll find specifics about volunteering.
  • is a landing page for the Aloha United Way’s portal to a variety of volunteer opportunities. After reading the general information, click on the red “volunteer” tab at the bottom of the page to go to, where specific volunteer gigs are listed (as well as some paying jobs in the nonprofit sector).
  • is a national site where you can narrow your search by city, cause and other filters. We found more than a dozen ongoing volunteer posts in Honolulu that promised flexible time commitments.

Read the full article on the Star-Advertiser site.