Waianae Coast Film Festival: Made Possible in Part by the Sean M. Gage Memorial Fund 



Dear Maile,

Aloha.  Attached is the flyer for the Waianae Film Festival which is being held this Friday,

April 1, 5:30 at the Waianae Intermediate School cafeteria.

This Film Festival includes most of the elementary schools in Waianae, the Intermediate School and the High School (Searider Productions).  Also participating are the Boys and Girls Clubs of Waianae and Nanakuli.Inda and I have sponsored the MultiMedia Program at the Waianae Clubhouse for the last two years.We have been very fortunate in having Tim Bradley come on board to provide the media instruction to the kids in the Program.  Tim is a graduate of Searider Productions and is great interacting with the kids.The funding for our sponsorship is from The Sean M. Gage Memorial Fund which we set up to honor our  son and to support various initiatives for youth and art.  In addition to supporting the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii, this Fund has also supported the Waianae Hawaiian Civic Club which we have done through our neighbor on Upena Street, Mele Worthington.  A photo of our son Sean is also attached.


John and Inda Gage


Sean M. Gage



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