Governor Tours UH West O’ahu Campus Tuesday March 29 2016


UH News Release link:

Governor Tours UH West O’ahu campus


Contact: Dan Meisenzahl, (808) 348-4936 Director of Media Production, Media Production

Link to video and sound:

WHAT – Governor David Ige tours University of Hawaiʻi–West Oʻahu Academy for Creative Media

WHEN – Tuesday, March 29, 2016

WHERE – University of Hawaiʻi–West Oʻahu

WHO – Governor David Ige, First Lady Dawn Amano-Ige, UH West Oʻahu Interim Chancellor Doris Ching, UH Academy for Creative Media System Director Chris Lee along with faculty, students and staff


  • Governor David Ige and the First Lady Dawn Amano-Ige toured the CyberCANOE (Collaborative Analytics Navigation and Observation Environment), ʻUluʻUlu, The Henry K. Giugni Moving Image Archive of Hawaiʻi, Roy and Hilda Takeyama Creative Media Lab, and a forensic anthropology lab.
  • Creative media is one of the fastest growing programs at UH West Oʻahu.
  • Creative media students have access to specialized input and output devices for use with print media, digital video, sound-driven compositions, and 3D graphics.
  • UH West Oʻahu is the hub for UH students pursuing creative media bachelor’s degrees, and has articulation agreements with all seven UH Community Colleges.
  • UH West Oʻahu commemorates its 40th anniversary in 2016 and offers 33 fields of study with a current enrollment of 2,700 students on its new Kapolei campus that opened in 2012.

BROLL (1 minute 20 seconds):

  • Governor walking with Chris Lee on campus (1 shot)
  • Governor and First Lady in CyberCANOE (5 shots)
  • Roy and Hilda Takeyama Creative Media Lab (2 shots)
  • ʻUluʻulu Archive (3 shots)


Governor David Ige

(12 seconds)

“I have been a big proponent of the Academy for Creative Media and most importantly, it being a Systemwide program. It’s been tremendous progress to see what has unfolded here.”

(16 seconds)

“The ability of the ACM to be on virtually every campus across the system, I think is very important, as we’ve been working to develop digital media skills on in our public school students. It’s terrific that they now have a place to go regardless of where they are.”


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