Traffic Light Timing Update

Sen Shimabukuro 80AHere’s the latest I heard from the City regarding the timing of the traffic lights in Nanakuli…

10/13/15 Email from DTS:
Aloha Senator,
To my knowledge, staff made a service call and made adjustments to timing. I will, however, confirm and get back to you.
Mike Formby


On Oct 13, 2015, at 10:54 AM, Maile Shimabukuro <<>> wrote:
Director Formby- please see below. I heard the city either has or is going to try to adjust the timing of the Nanakuli traffic lights? What is the status please?
~ Senator Maile Shimabukuro

—–Original Message—–
From: Ryten Chu

Sent: Tuesday, October 06, 2015 8:26 AM

Subject: Morning/Afternoon Traffic Congestion through Nanakuli
Dear Director Formby, Senator Shimabakuro, & Representatives Tupola & Aquino
Thank you for your service to our communities at large here in the great state of Hawaii.
This message is to share the concerns that we have in Nanakuli & Waianae. Due to the influx of cars on the roads today we have been experiencing increasing traffic congestion. Many times traffic is backed up to Waianae Comprehensive on early weekday mornings headed to work. Drivers need to make time to sit in traffic getting out of Waianae before reaching the H1-H2 merge to sit in more traffic. In the evenings, traffic is backed up to Kapolei Commons. Drivers sit in traffic after long days of work coming back home to sit in more traffic to get back into Waianae. The concentration of this traffic is on the Nanakuli lights starting from Nanakuli Ave. to Hakimo Road.
The importance of the issue has to do with the effects that it has on our time with families, our vehicles maintenance, and our own personal health as well. Our people are not getting enough sleep because they need to wake up earlier to sit in traffic just so that they are not late for work. Our people need to pay extra maintenance fees on their vehicles because of the toll that traffic puts on the vehicles idle times. Our people are not getting to spend more time with their families because they are stuck in traffic. All these effects have been killing our people day in & day out.
The solution is to focus on the source of the traffic which is concentrated on Nanakuli stop lights going in and out of Waianae. We need to somehow adjust the lights to allow for greater flow of traffic. This is only one suggestion that I know Senator Shimabakuro & Director Formby have collaborated upon. But this message is to reinforce the issue that MUST be addressed for the sake of our people.
Thank you for your help & leadership to bring life to our land, life to our people. I know you are all focused on the greater good that can be done. I believe you will be the ones to make it happen.
Mahalo & Malama Pono. Looking forward to the Answers being Implemented and/or Attempted.

Ryten Chu

Student: UH West Oahu

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