A new surfing themed resort is slated to open on West O’ahu in 2017

10498469_10152217257186861_2764624513182028240_oHONOLULU —A new surfing themed resort slated to open on West O’ahu in 2017 will have Hawaii’s first four-acre artificial wave pool.

American Wave Machines out of San Diego is responsible for the new technology.

The waves will be produced by underwater air chambers which create the force for a consistent, on-demand swell.

The resort has partnered with Bruce Brown Films and themed after the most iconic of all surfing films. The plans for The Endless Summer Resort contain 400 units, luxury amenities plus a surf museum. Surfers stand to benefit even if they never step foot on the property.

Local surfers are intrigued by the prospect of a new break. Some believe that the surf resort may give inexperienced surfers a chance to safely learn the sport and be more ready to tackle Hawaii’s powerful surf.

“It could be good for people to practice; you know out here it can be very dangerous, people get injured, the reef is very sharp,” said Thor Dyrensborg.

Wave heights can be adjusted from knee high for beginners to close to 8 feet for the more experienced.

Guests not staying on property will be able to surf the artificial waves for a fee. Several locations on West Oahu are being considered but no final location has been determined.

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