Kolekole Pass and Emergency Bypass Update

Kolekole Pass & Emergency Bypass Update from Senator Shimabukuro:

A constituent recently asked for information about Kolekole Pass and emergency evacuations, and my response is below:

Funds from Sen. Daniel Inouye were expended to repair a bridge at Kolekole Pass a few years ago. However, unfortunately since the Navy no longer actively uses Kolekole, there is apparently a lack of federal money to further improve it.

A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) is being worked on to allow Kolekole pass to be used in declared emergencies. If Farrington Hwy is totally blocked, residents can be evacuated with shuttles, and emergency vehicles can also use the pass.

There is also an MOA that’s nearly complete for the Waianae Coast Emergency Access Rd (WCEAR). I am seeking the Nanakuli homesteaders’ support to possibly extend WCEAR from Helelua St. to Piliokahi Ave so that emergencies like the water main break could be totally bypassed in the future.

We are also working to widen Farrington Hwy in Nanakuli to improve the bottleneck and make more room to possibly contraflow traffic when there are emergencies.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions or concerns, at 586-7793 or maileshimabukuro@yahoo.com.

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