Water Main Break Update: Sen. Shimabukuro is Asking – Do You Support Making Portions of WCEAR Public & Connecting Piliokahi Ave. to Helelua St. to Bypass Emergencies Like This in the Future?

The Nanakuli water main break is a prime example of why we should:

1) Condemn Paakea Road to make it a public road so that the gated portion is open at all times. We should condemn other portions of  WCEAR to make them public also;

2) Build an additional back road connecting Helelua to the Nanakuli Homesteads, which comes out at Piliokahi Avenue. Having this additional road, at least for emergencies, could have bypassed the water main break.

Please let me know if you support these proposed solutions. We must have community support to push these ideas forward!

Emergency Travel Advisory: If you are coming from Maili, Waianae, or Makaha, try going on Mailiili Road to connect to Paakea Road. From Paakea Road you should be able to connect to the Waianae Coast Emergency Access Road (WCEAR) at the gated portion of Paakea Road (which was opened in the afternoon on 7/26/15). Continue to follow WCEAR to Lualualei Naval Road, then turn left to proceed along WCEAR behind Sack N Save. WCEAR will then connect to Helelua Street and return you back to Farrington Hwy.

You can also connect to WCEAR through Sea Country (Kaukama Road), by taking the first left after the swimming pool.

5 Responses

  1. Hi Maili, Thank you for all you do – yes I support this idea, since it seems relatively easy and completely doable. I am also wondering if it is enough – I think we need more access to a main traffic artery from the leeward coast itself. This is the real debate: Kolekole / Tunnel / Road repaired around Kaena/ etc…

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  2. Yes, Rocky and I were talking about this while we wer sitting in traffic 🙂 it would also lighten the local traffic on Farrington through Nanakuli . Another topic of conversation was where is the water going to come from to support the Ewa Plain and Kakaako developments? Saw a special entitled ” Cifies on the Water: Honolulu” that said we will be out of water in 20 years 😦 What are the plans for that?
    So happy you’re there for us all Maile!

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  3. Hi Maile,
    I Support this!
    Thanks for All You do !

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  4. Late response, but…
    Yes yes yes I totally support this. Please do something to alleviate the traffic when there is an “emergency”.

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  5. I support this – we need help in driving in and out of the coast.
    Thank you for working so hard for us!

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