Nathanael Endo, WHS Valedictorian, Headed to West Point

The following excerpts are from Allyson Blair’s “Waianae’s valedictorian heading to West Point” (Hawaii News Now, 5/28/15).

Waianae High grad is headed to one of the most prestigious schools in the country.

For Nathanael Endo, graduation marks another milestone on his path to West Point.  A goal the Valedictorian’s prepared for since freshman year.

The second youngest of 11, Nathanael Endo comes from a family with strong ties to the Army, Air Force and Marines.  A tradition he’s determined to carry on. “I feel very special to be able to compete with people that I consider as super humans since they are super athletic as well as super smart,” said Nathanael Endo.

“He’s a battallion commander of 249 cadets this year,” said Master Sgt. Rego. [Master Sgt. Hines Rego has taught J-R-O-T-C at Waianae High School for 12 years].

Nathaniel Endo’s also participated in dozens of community service projects all while maintaining a grade point average above 4.0.

Endo’s father is an Army man himself and can’t help but smile as he talks about his son’s accomplishments.

“Very very proud yea. He represents what can come out of Waianae,” said Calvin Endo. Nathanael Endo says he leaves next month for West Point.

Read the full story.

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