Stacy Garcia Jr. attends NHIS Performing Arts Center rendition of HONK! JR.

Stacy Garcia (left), Mr. Robin Kitsu; Director of NHIS RPC (center), Christian Kaeo; choreographer (right).

Stacy Garcia, Jr. (left), Mr. Robin Kitsu, Director of NHIS’ NPAC (center)); and Christian Kaeo, choreographer (right).  [Click images to enlarge]

Stacy Garcia (left) and Daphne Hussein (right).

Stacy Garcia, Jr. (left) and Daphnei Hussein, AMDA Summer Conservatory acceptee (right). [Click image to enlarge]

Stacy Garcia Jr. attended an NPAC showing on April 19, 2015, on behalf of Sen. Shimabukuro’s office. The event was also graced by Sen. Michele Kidani (Education Committee Chair) and members of her staff.  Information about the NPAC event is below:

The Nānākuli High and Intermediate School Performing Arts Center (NPAC) presents “HONK! JR.” from April 17 to 26, 2015, in the NHIS Multi-Purpose café. HONK! JR. is the musical adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Ugly Duckling.”

Mr. Robin Kitsu, Director of NPAC, describes HONK! JR. “a wonderful show and the kids are doing a fantastic job.  Even the staff gets emotional after each run-through no matter how many times we see it.  Yes, it’s cute, but it’s also funny (see if you can catch the adult puns in the show), it’s sad (tears will flow), and it’s uplifting.  Great message about loving everyone for who they are, anti-bullying, and about family.”

Assisting with the performance is Daphnei Hussein, a junior of Nānākuli High and Intermediate School, who was accepted into a summer conservatory program for vocal music held by the American Music and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in Los Angeles. Daphnei is in need of monetary donations to support her travels to AMDA.

If you would like assist Daphnei with scholarship funding for the AMDA, please visit

Donations can also be made to Daphnei via the Nānākuli Performing Arts Center (NPAC):

Nānākuli Performing Arts Center
89-980 Nanakuli Avenue
Waianae, HI 96792

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