Senate Certificate is presented to Waianae Boxing Club and “Papa” Fred Periera

Group photo taken with Waianae Boxing Club trainees and Coach "Papa" Fred Pereira

Group photo taken with Waianae Boxing Club’s next generation champions and Coach “Papa” Fred Pereira. [Click image to enlarge]

"Papa" Fred takes a group photo with champions of the Waianae Boxing Club.

“Papa” Fred takes a group photo with champions of the Waianae Boxing Club. 1st row, L-R: Henry Silva, John Philips, Richard Pelen, James Jones, Tony Pereira. 2nd Row, L-R (beginning with the man wearing the white hat): Derek Bright, Julio Rodrigues (First Golden Glove champion from Hawaii, 1976-1999), Legendary Coach “Papa” Fred Pereira, Ricky Ruiz, Nelson Carvalho, Glen Rodrigues. 3rd Row, L-R: Waltar Salas, Richard Garcia, Phillip Leonin, Adrian Silva, Cheyenne Padeken, Alvin Sequin, Douglas Westbrook. 4th Row, L-R: Chuck Salas, Alex Pelen, Shane Soares, Elwood Westbrook. [Click image to enlarge]

On April 18, 2015, a Senate certificate celebrating the Waianae Boxing Club and honoring “Papa’ Fred Pereira was presented by Stacy Garcia Jr. on behalf of Sen. Shimabukuro at the Waianae Recreation Center.

The year 2015 marks the Waianae Boxing Club’s 50+ year anniversary. It was established by Coach “Papa” Fred Pereira in 1962, and has kept  keiki off of the streets and away from negative influences like drugs and violence. The club boasts a proud and long-standing tradition of producing champion fighters who represent the people of Hawaii at national and international boxing and mixed martial arts competitions.

“Papa” Pereira, who turned 81 this year, was recognized for his impressive boxing career in the United States Army. He comes from a family of athletic competitors, including his father, Anton, who was an outstanding boxer, and his grandmother, Anita, the oldest runner to compete in the Honolulu Marathon at 80-years-old.

The festive event was attended by family and community members, as well as various club supporters. Entertainment was performed by a local band which played Jíbaro and Bomba & Plena music. On behalf of Sen. Shimabukuro’s office, many thanks goes out to “Papa” Fred Periera and his ohana for the invitation and tremendous hospitality.

Mahalo nui loa to Shane Soares for inviting Sen. Shimabukuro, and for being one of the organizers of this special event.

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