Civil Beat: HART Board Meetings to be Broadcast

Olelo Television HART Broadcast Schedule:

  5/8/2015 5:30 PM OLELO49.
5/12/2015 12:30 PM OLELO49.
5/13/2015 8:00 AM OLELO49.
5/19/2015 12:30 PM OLELO49.


Now You Can Watch HART Meetings In Your Pajamas

After urging from Honolulu City Councilman Trevor Ozawa, the rail agency struck a deal with Olelo Community Media to broadcast live meetings.

April 16, 2015·By Nick Grube

Talk about results.

Last month, Honolulu City Councilman Trevor Ozawa pushed a resolution to boost transparency for the city’s $6 billion rail project.

Specifically, he called on the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation to broadcast it’s board meetings online or through public access stations.

Chad Blair/Civil Beat

Olelo camera

HART will join other government agencies in broadcasting its meetings through Olelo Community Media.

On Thursday, the city announced Olelo Community Media will begin airing HART meetings starting next week.

This should make it easier for citizens to track decisions made by HART board members on a highly controversial project that faces a nearly $1 billion shortfall.

In a press release, Ozawa said televising HART meetings “is a crucial first step in providing real transparency to this project.”

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