Farrington Highway Median Improvements

Farrington Hwy Median Inprovements

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{UPDATE Ed Sniffen, Deputy Director of Highways, sent at 721pm on April 15 }

{this update – and all updates from DOT – are sent to all area elected officials}

The closure tomorrow is for the median improvements project that installed the vegetation within the median. The project includes a performance time frame that has recently ended and we will be performing our prefrinal acceptance reviews.

We are currently working on addressing community concerns indicating that the lack of barriers coupled with the high vegetation in the median on Farrington highway near the Kahe Power Plant. We have consulted with the city DPP and FHWA to determine the clearances necessary to install the barriers.

Based on our discussions and materials availability, we anticipate being able to install barriers within the vegetated median in 3 months. The barrier placement will address the concerns residents expressed for accidents caused by motorists crossing through the vegetated median. We have determined that the barriers can be placed within the vegetation in the median so we will not need to remove the improvement that was just placed.

We also received concerns from the community that the plants are not being maintained and are being allowed to grow too high. I will address that with our maintenance personnel.

{NOTE FROM SEN. SHIMABUKURO: DOT has requested input regarding their proposal to install concrete barriers in the vegetated median area near Kahe Power Plant. I am working on providing feedback.  -MSS}

{Email from Ed Sniffen, Deputy Director of Highways }

Aloha all,

We are scheduling a pre-final for the Farrington Highway Median Improvements project (93A-02-10M)  this Thursday April 16, 2015 from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. We will be closing the honolulu-bound left lane of the highway approximately from the vicinity of Piliokahi Ave to HECO’s Kahe Power Plant (this is the median area fronting Tracks Beach) as shown in the picture above.

Ed Sniffen

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