Senator Shimabukuro Meets with Mayor Caldwell

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On 4/2/15, Sen. Shimabukuro met with Mayor Kirk Caldwell.  Sen. Shimabukuro notified the Mayor of various City issues needing attention on the Waianae Coast, such as the Waianae Coast Emergency Access Road, Ulehawa canal, replacing the sand bags behind Makaha Surfside, water system replacement and repaving needed on McArthur Street, pushing sand to alleviate the safety hazards created by erosion at Makaha Surfing Beach, and others. 

Sen. Shimabukuro and the Mayor also discussed the bills to extend the rail tax (HB 134 / SB 19).  As of 4/8/15, SB 19 had not been scheduled by the House Finance Committee.  HB 134 has been passed out of the Senate Ways and Means Committee in a “Senate Draft 2” (SD2) form.  The SD2 maintains the ½% tax for another 5 years, until 2027.  Here is a link to the status of HB 134:

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