Board Members’ Finances to Become Public in June 2015

Susan Essoyan, in “Officials’ Finances Public in June” (Star-Advertiser, 23 March 2015), reports that “the state Ethics Commission will make public the detailed financial disclosure forms of members of 15 boards and commissions in June rather than next year.” This public disclosure is a direct result of Act 230, which became law on 8 July 2014. Act 230 was created from SB2682, which was introduced by Senator Maile Shimabukuro in 2014.

The following are excerpts from Essoyan:

“The long form requires filers to list sources and amounts of income for themselves, their spouses and dependent children, along with ownership of businesses, debts, creditors and real property, except their homes. Dollar amounts may be in broad ranges rather than precise figures. Filers also must list officerships or directorships, as well as clients represented before state agencies.”

“Only short forms are required in odd-numbered years. Short forms allow filers to check a box indicating there were no changes from the previous year’s filing, rather than listing details of their holdings…. If they file a short form that refers to the previous year’s filing, that previous filing will be made public.”

“The goal of making the forms public is to allow more people to monitor the disclosures for potential conflicts of interest. The Ethics Commission isn’t equipped to keep tabs on all the activities of commissions and their board members, [Les] Kondo [the commission’s executive director] said.”

Financial disclosures will be made public for the following boards and commissions:

  • Board of Regents, University of Hawaii
  • Agribusiness Development Corp.
  • Board of Agriculture
  • State Ethics Commission
  • Hawaii Community Development Authority
  • Hawaiian Homes Commission
  • Housing Finance and Development Corp.
  • Board of Land and Natural Resources
  • Land Use Commission
  • Legacy Land Conservation Commission
  • Natural Area Reserves System Commission
  • Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii
  • Hawaii Public Housing Authority
  • Public Utilities Commission
  • Commission on Water Resource Management

Read the full article on the Star-Advertiser site.

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