KHON2: HPD helps Maili residents form neighborhood crime watch after burglaries

HPD helps Maili residents form neighborhood crime watch after burglaries
By Manolo Morales
Published: March 19, 2015

Two burglaries at the house of former sumo wrestler Konishiki raised questions about the Honolulu Police Department’s efforts to prevent crimes in the area.

Salevaa Atisanoe took to Facebook to vent his frustration, saying HPD isn’t doing anything about burglaries and other property crimes.

He also questioned whether there are enough officers on patrol in Leeward Oahu.

Atisanoe was in Japan when his house was burglarized, but his publicist, Michele Leao, has been staying there along with her family.

Thieves stole items from the garage, broke into cars and damaged windows on the house.

“We get up in the morning and either things are missing, my car door is open,” she said.

“I think it’s our duty. We cannot depend on the law. The cops don’t do nothing,” Atisanoe said in the video.

So KHON2 went into the community to talk to neighbors. They told us they were planning to band together to form a neighborhood crime watch.

After our original story aired, HPD reached out to help them do just that.

According to HPD, it’s not about having enough officers and the leeward area is not short-staffed. The solution lies in the community working with police.

District 8 covers the area from Ewa Beach to Kaena Point. Approximately 153,000 people live there and 157 patrol officers work there.

Maj. Kurt Kendro says that police can’t be everywhere, so it’s important for the community to report suspicious activities.

“Do you think this is a big step towards making things better?” KHON2 asked Atisanoe.

“To me, it’s just a little step. Like anything else, we need more people to get involved,” he said.

Atisanoe adds that he is grateful to the police and his neighbors now that the ball is rolling.

Neighbor Daniel Grounds, who was contacted by HPD, says other residents are excited about working together.

“They were just ecstatic. They were like absolutely, you know, let me know when, where and what it takes for me to get involved,” Grounds said.

They’ve also enlisted the help of the condominium next to Atisanoe’s home.

Getting help from the residents at the Maili Cove Condominiums is an important step. With more than 60 units, there will be a lot more eyes and ears looking out for the whole community.

The condos are equipped with surveillance cameras and more will be installed. A security guard is also on duty overnight.

HPD plans to meet with the residents to help set up the neighborhood watch as well as identify what signs to look for that are suspicious.


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