Sen. Shimabukuro’s Bill List (Updated 3/4/15)


Updated 3/4/15


SB774 – Classification of Agricultural Lands; Taro Lands: Creates a classification of agricultural public lands entitled “taro lands”. Appropriates funds to the board of land and natural resources to create an inventory of lands classified as taro lands.

SB376 – Establishes the Hawaii farm to school program and two farm to school coordinator positions. Appropriates funds. (SD1)


SB768 SD1 / HB864 HD1 – In Vitro Fertilization Procedure Coverage; Infertility Disability: Provides insurance coverage equality for women who are diagnosed with infertility by making available to them expanded treatment options, ensuring adequate and affordable health care services.

2015-0716 SCR SMA – Requesting the Auditor to assess the social and financial effects of requiring health insurer to provide infertility procedure coverage.

2015-0092 SCR SMA – Requesting the Department of Health to adopt administrative rules requiring a restaurant with twenty or more locations in the state to post calorie and carbohydrate information for standard menu items on the menu or menu board and to provide all other nutrition information to customers in the restaurant, upon request.


SB897 SD1 – Kaho‘olawe Island Reserve Commission; Commercial Use; Appropriation: Allows for limited commercial uses to generate revenue. Appropriates funds to the Kaho‘olawe island reserve commission for the management, restoration, and preservation of the Kaho‘olawe island reserve.

SB786 SD1 – Aha Moku Advisory Committee: Appropriates funds for the administration and operation of the aha moku advisory committee and for community outreach.

2015-1519 SCR SMA – Requesting the Aha Moku Advisory Committee to engage stakeholders in order to develop and adopt rules for its operation and administration.


SB778 SD1 – Hawaiian Language Immersion Program; Student Assessments: Requires and appropriates funds for the department of education to establish procedures to develop an assessment of established statewide performance standards for students in the kaiapuni program. Requires reports to the legislature.

2015-1789 SCR SMA – Requesting the Department of Human Services to consult the Na Kapuna tribunal to form a working group to determine how the Na Kupuna tribunal can best assist the courts and the native Hawaiian children in matters relating to child custody and the native Hawaiian children who have been removed from their homes.


HB1161 HD1 – Community Health Centers; Appropriations; Affordable Care Act; Medicaid; Health Homes; Med-QUEST Programs; Healthcare: Appropriates funds to the department of human services to restore basic adult dental benefits to medicaid enrollees and to provide outreach and eligibility services for individuals and families at federally qualified health centers. Appropriates funds from the community health centers special fund to establish health homes.

SB982 – Good Samaritan Policies; Medical Amnesty; Controlled Substances: Establishes limited immunity for individuals who seek medical assistance for themselves or others experiencing a drug or alcohol overdose or other medical emergency.

SB1030 SD1 – Tobacco; Electronic; Cigarettes; Minors; Tobacco Sales: Increases the minimum age for persons who may purchase tobacco products or electronic smoking devices from eighteen to twenty-one years of age. Amends the definition of “electronic smoking device” as used in section 709-908, Hawaii Revised Statutes. Defines “tobacco products”. Effective 7/1/2050.


SB387 SD1 – Affirmative Consent; University of Hawaii System; Board of Regents: Requires the University of Hawaii to act jointly with the board of regents to establish and enforce an affirmative consent standard for all policies and protocols relating to sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.

HB811 HD1 – UH Hawaii Educational Policy Center: Appropriates moneys for two full- time equivalent graduate assistant positions at the Hawaii educational policy center at UH.

SB849 – State Public Charter School Commission; Facilities Funding; General Obligation Bonds; Appropriation: Temporarily authorizes the state public charter school commission to request the issuance of general obligation bonds to finance public charter school facilities. Creates a working group to determine the allocation of bond proceeds. Specifies that bond-funded facilities are owned by the State. Requires an annual report to the legislature. Authorizes the issuance of bonds to fund public charter school facilities.


SB785 SD1 – Affordable Housing Credit; Hawaiian Home Lands: Makes permanent Act 141, Session Laws of Hawaii 2009, which requires the counties to issue affordable housing credits to DHHL. Makes permanent Act 98, Session Laws of Hawaii 2012, which requires the counties to issue affordable housing credits for each residential unit developed by DHHL. Allows credits to be issued for rental units developed by DHHL on a two-credit per one-unit basis and to satisfy affordable housing obligations imposed by the counties, regardless of the date of enactment thereof.

2015-1026 SCR SMA – Requesting the Hawaii Access to Justice Commission to assemble various state and community entities to determine which agency or organization should administer funding for civil legal services to the low- and moderate-income.


SB779 – District Courts; Civil Actions: Raises the district courts’ jurisdictional limit for civil actions involving specific performance.

SB1194 SD1 – State Ethics Commission; Online Access: Requires the electronic filing of lobbyist disclosure statements. Requires that the filed statements be posted online.


SB1174 SD1 – Workers’ Compensation; Medical Examination: Provides that an independent medical examination and permanent impairment rating examination shall be conducted by a qualified physician selected by the mutual agreement of the parties. Provides a process for appointment in the event that there is no mutual agreement.

SB1324 SD1 / HB1370 HD1 – Employees’ Retirement System Benefits; Direct Payment to Former Spouse; Divorce: Provides statutory authority for the employees’ retirement system administrator to make direct payment to a former spouse of a member of benefits or portion thereof pursuant to valid court judgment, order, or decree.


SB1159 SD1 – Veterans Disability Benefits; Attachment; Exemption: Exempts federal veterans disability benefits from claims of creditors and attachment, levy, and seizure to enforce a court judgment, except for certain child and spousal support cases.

SCR LRB 15-0352-2 – Urging the People’s Republic of China to honor its promise and commitment to no longer harvest organs from executed prisoners for organ transplants.


HB 500 Budget Bill Request – Farrington Highway; Feasibility Study: Appropriates moneys for the director of transportation to conduct a feasibility study regarding:  (1) The establishment of a fifth lane of travel on the ocean side of Farrington highway in Nanakuli from Kahe point to Mohihi street, to be used for contraflow during rush hour and requiring relocation of the existing railroad; and (2) All possible alternatives to establishing a fifth lane of travel.

SB343 / HB1153 – State Vehicle Registration Fee; Veterans; Exemption; Report: Exempts qualifying totally and permanently disabled veterans from paying the State motor vehicle registration fee. Requires the office of veterans’ services to report the number of qualifying veterans to the legislature and department of taxation. Applies to motor vehicle registration occurring on or after September 1, 2015.

SB150 – Voter Registration; Driver’s License; Civil Identification Card: Specifies that an affidavit on application for voter registration shall be a part of the application associated with the issuance of a civil identification card and driver’s license.


SB1279 – Technology; Employment Covenants or Agreements: Prohibits noncompete agreements and restrictive covenants that restrict beyond one year post-employment competition of employees of a technology business.


2015-1346 SCR SMA – Requesting the Campaign Spending Commission to study and make recommendations regarding a $250 cap on campaign contributions and on establishing a process for the refunding of campaign contribution.

2016 Relay For Life of Waianae Interest Meeting: March 24, 2015

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Army seeks comments on Mākua marine study at public meeting, March 5

Sent: Tuesday, March 03, 2015 4:01 PM
Subject: Army seeks comments on Mākua marine study at public meeting, March 5

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the Army is hosting a public meeting, March 5, to seek comments on a study it conducted of marine resources near Mākua Beach.

Your assistance spreading this information to interested community members through your websites, news alerts or social media is appreciated.



March 3, 2015


Army seeks comments on Mākua marine study at public meeting

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii (March 3, 2015) — The U.S. Army is hosting a public meeting, March 5, to seek comments on a study it conducted of marine resources near Mākua Beach.

The meeting will be held in the Waianae High School cafeteria (85-251 Farrington Highway, Waianae, HI 96792), and will start with an informational display viewing at 6:30 p.m.

At 7 p.m., Army staff and study team members will provide a brief overview of the study, followed by a facilitated public comment period until 9:30 p.m.

The study is available online at Click “2013 MR Study” on the left side of the Web page. The study is also available at the Waianae, Kapolei, Wahiawa and Waialua public libraries under the title “Mākua Marine Resources Supplemental Study Report, February 2015.” In consideration of the environment, printed copies of the study are available upon request.

The 60-day public comment period for this study began Feb. 1 and runs through April 3, 2015.

Individuals can also continue to submit comments via email to, or mail to: U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii, Environmental Division, Attn: Marine Study – Public Comments, 948 Santos Dumont Ave., Schofield Barracks, HI 96857. Mailed comments must be postmarked no later than April 3.

This study supplements a 2009 Army marine resources study, and assesses whether military training activities at Mākua Military Reservation pose a health risk to area residents who rely on marine resources – specifically limu kohu (seaweed), loli (sea cucumber) and he‘e (octopus) – for food or other purposes. It was completed in compliance with a 2012 U.S. District Court order.

For questions, please call (808) 656-3089 or email



U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii and U.S. Army Hawaii

Public Affairs Office

How are we doing? Comments are welcome at, under Pacific, Schofield Barracks, Information Management and then Public Affairs.

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