Waste-to-Energy Power Plant Initiative Led by Maili Resident

Ma'ili resident Kekoa McClellan and Senator Shimabukuro
Ma’ili resident Kekoa McClellan and Senator Shimabukuro

Senator Shimabukuro recently met with Kekoa McClellan of Ma’ili to learn more about Pelatron Q and its waste-to-energy power plant initiative.

Legislation has been introduced on behalf of Pelatron Q. Senate Bill 1047 authorizes the issuance of special purpose revenue bonds to Pelatron Q for the development of waste-to-energy power plants in Hawaii.

Pelatron Q’s power plants will use a patented plasma gasification and vitrification process to convert all types of waste, including municipal solid waste, construction and demolition waste, green waste, medical waste, industrial waste, or any carbonaceous matter, into clean renewable energy that can be exported to the grid.

The development of these waste-to-energy power plants will contribute to the State’s energy security, reduce the State’s carbon footprint, reduce the environmental impact of landfilling waste, and add living-wage jobs to the State’s economy.

For more information on SB1047, click here for bill status.

Pelatron Q is a joint venture of Pelatron Power Evolution and Solena Q. Leading the development activities for our partnership is Kekoa McClellan, President and CEO of Pelatron Power Evolution. A community first firm, Pelatron Power Evolution, a member to the Pelatron Q joint venture, is owned in part by the Pelatron Center for Economic Development (PCED). PCED actively supports the economic welfare of Native Hawaiians through public and private educational, community and business partnerships. As a Hawaiian company, the values of aloha ‘aina and ‘ike pono drive our every decision. The opportunity to deliver a market solution to our community’s waste issues that provided a clean energy solution was a natural fit.

More information can be found on the company website: www.pelatron-q.com.

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