Senator Maile Shimabukuro’s Bill List 2015 (2/4/15)

Sen. Shimabukuro

Senator Shimabukuro


SB774 / HB509 – Classification of Agricultural Lands; Taro Lands: Creates a classification of agricultural public lands entitled “taro lands”. Appropriates funds to the board of land and natural resources to create an inventory of lands classified as taro lands.

SB775 / HB1427 – Temporary Shelters; Agricultural Land: Permits temporary shelters on lands in the agricultural district.


SB776 / HB1266 – Insurance; First Party Claims; Prompt Payment; Unfair Claim Settlement Practices; Makes an insurer’s failure to pay a claimant, in a first party insurance claim, an amount the insurer deems fair within thirty days of a demand for payment of the claim an unfair claim settlement practice.

SB772 – Public Utilities Commission; Disclosure Requirements: Requires utilities seeking to hire a public utilities commission employee or recent employee to file a notice of contact. Requires that commissioners’ financial disclosure statements be posted on the commission website.

SB784 – Public Agency Meetings; Notice Requirements; Persons with Disabilities; Accommodations: Requires public notices to provide information, including a point of contact, explaining how to request an accommodation in order to participate at the public meeting. Requires notices that are posted electronically to conform to the applicable provisions under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

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PVT Land Company Expansion Application

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