Bradah Mel’s 9th Annual Canoe Surfing and Stand-Up Surfing Championships Dec. 2014

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Well it’s another year! I hope everyone is healthy and surfing. We are going on our 9th annual Bradah Mel’s Canoe Surfing and Stand-Up Surfing Championships at the Famous Makaha Surfing Beach! Makaha has always been one of the best places to have an event like this. The weather is great, the atmosphere is all about family, and the waves are epic. When I started this contest 9 years ago, it was to help out my friend and canoe steersman Leighton Look, after he was paralyzed from the neck down in a diving accident. He was a well known waterman and family man. I first met Leighton 30 years ago when we competed against each other as paddlers for different canoe clubs. Then in 99’ I joined the Hui Lanakila Canoe Club, a club that Leighton was one of the founding members, and we paddled together until the infamous day in 2004 when he had his accident. His medical expenses were astronomical. So in 2005 I started my event to try to help in anyway I could. Sadly on August 25, 2008 Leighton passed on. After his passing, I decided to continue on with my event to keep his memory alive. For the pass Six years I have been able to support other programs and events such as the City & County of Honolulu Jr. Lifeguard Program in 2009 & 2010, as well as supporting Hawaii’s 2010 & 2012 Olympic Kayak hopefuls, the Dolan brothers! Then Last year in 2013, I supported the Leeward Kai Canoe Club, of which I was the Open Men’s Coach for 4 years. Leeward Kai CC is a small but strong canoe club based on the West side of Oahu. Their children’s program produces some of the best young paddlers in the state, and it gives the kids something to do after school that teaches them Team Work, Self Pride and a Healthy Life Style!

Over the years, we have seen the competition in canoe surfing and stand-up surfing escalate to unbelievable levels! But the thing that I felt was missing in my event, and so many surfing events, is the teaching of the History of Surfing and the Culture of the Hawaiian people. For these are the sports of the Ali’i. (The sports of Kings.)

So this year we will be having Hawaiian Educational Programs during the event. Of which, every competitor will need to send one or more family members to participate in at least one session! We will be teaching Kalo Pounding, (Poi Pounding.) where they can make Pa’iai (Pre-Poi) to make Poi! Laulau making, to learn how to make it from start to finish! We will have Hat weaving, and Coconut husking and milking, so they will learn where that coconut milk they buy from the store comes from!

Along with the Canoe Surfing and Stand-Up Surfing divisions, last year I added a Long Board and a Sup-Squach division to the event. This year I have been asked by the ITSA to add a Professional and Amateur Tandem division to the event, of which I think will be a great addition.

We are looking for Monetary Donations, as well as products for Prizes and Raffle giveaways. Thank you, very much for your time!

Holding period for the event will be:
December 6th, 7th, 13th, & 14th of 2014.

Mel Puu
(808)478-9086 /
P.O.Box 1006 Waianae Hi. 96792

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