Star-Advertiser Editorial Urges Governor to Sign SB2682

Don’t Veto Public’s Right to Know
Star-Advertiser Editorial
27 June 2014

Gov. Neil Abercrombie has signaled that he might veto a bill that would require members of powerful state boards and commissions to file financial statements for public disclosure, which could reveal potential conflicts of interest. By failing to promptly sign this measure, the governor is putting the privacy concerns of a limited number of influential individuals ahead of the public interest.

The public interest must always come first. Like the state Ethics Commission and good-government groups such as Common Cause Hawaii, we urge the governor to overcome his reservations and sign Senate Bill 2682 by the July 8 deadline, or let it become law without his signature. If he goes ahead with the rejection, state lawmakers — who unanimously approved this bill in the House and Senate — should override the veto.

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Approval of this bill would make Hawaii’s government more transparent and accountable by increasing the number of powerful boards and commissions whose members are subject to public disclosure requirements. Similar scrutiny, we note, already is endured without harm by numerous parties, including elected officials, candidates for statewide office and department directors. All accept this reasonable disclosure requirement as part and parcel of public service.

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