For Now E-cigarettes Are Exempt From SB 2222 (2/11/14)


Senator Shimabukuro discusses the potential harm of unregulated sales of e-cigarettes in this Hawaii News Now TV interview on 2/11/14. Click image to see the broadcast.

Excerpts from HawaiiNewsNow 2/11/14

“For the here and now, all e-cigarettes are exempt from 2222.” State Senator Clayton Hee was referring to Senate Bill 2222, which in its original language would have banned the sale of all flavored tobacco products in the state, like menthol cigarettes.

Legislators candidly said their intent wasn’t to ban users [who need it for medical reasons] from partaking, but to keep nicotine and tobacco from children. Because of the differences between the two products, they made the decision to exempt e-cigarettes.

“Rather than try to complicate the subject matters, the committee chairs–Senator Baker and I, felt it would be better to take it out completely and then work on e-cigarettes as a stand-alone product” said Senator Hee.

“Technically speaking it’s not regulated at all, so a minor could come in there and buy an e-cig off you. There’s no regulation on the valves so they could be taking a high dose of nicotine that’s highly addictive and poisonous,” said State Senator Maile Shimabukuro.

Click here to see the full report.

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