Sludge Update 2/3/14

Please see below a statement from the Army which summarizes the update concerning the Hawaii Kai Marina Community Association permit.

The Hawaii Kai Marina Community Association requested a modification of Department of the Army Permit POH-2010-00280. The permit authorizes maintenance dredging of the Hawaii Kai Marina and disposal of the dredged material at specified sites.

The Corps approved the Marina Association’s request to modify the existing permit to include an additional dredged material disposal location, the PVT Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility located on Farrington Highway.
We determined that this privately owned facility is an acceptable disposal site based on its status as a State-licensed solid waste management facility and the suitability of the dredged material for disposal there.

This information only concerns the Department of the Army permit. While we have granted a modification to our permit, the Marina Association and its contractors are by no means exempted from the requirements of any other governmental regulatory bodies. The Department of the Army permit does not eliminate the need to obtain any other Federal, state, or local permits or authorizations required by law.

MAJ Sally Hannan
Deputy District Commander

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