Unofficial Draft (Dec. 2013): DOH Establishment of Abandoned Tire Task Force – 11/8/13 Deadline to Submit Comments

TireTF Report

From: Valera, John S []
Sent: Monday, November 04, 2013 9:16 AM
Subject: Unofficial Draft Report to ’14 Legislature – Act 271 (12) Task Force on Abandoned Tires

Dear Abandoned Tire Task Force Participants,

Please find the attached unofficial draft report to the Legislature. My apologies that it was sent late.

Note that because this report is coming from the task force, that it has not yet been reviewed by department staff nor its leadership. So the content is subject to change, thus the “unofficial” designation.

There are a few updated sections that may interest you, especially Table 4, the Recommendations section, and proposed legislation in Appendix B.

Appendices A and D were not included in this draft but placeholders were inserted for the meeting summaries and the ranking exercise we did last May.

We will discuss this draft at the meeting tomorrow. Since this was sent late, I can accept written comments you may wish to offer after tomorrow’s final meeting, but please respond by no later than 4:30pm this Friday, Nov. 8th because we have to prepare the final which is due on Nov. 15th.

Respectfully yours,
John Valera
Environmental Planner
DOH – Office of Solid Waste Management, 919 Ala Moana Blvd., Rm. 212, Honolulu, HI 96814
P 808.586.4226
F 808.586.7509

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