Hawaii P-20 Update


Dear Friends of Hawai‘i P-20 and the Hawai‘i P-3 Initiative,

This morning, the Governor of Hawai‘i signed a historic bill which will serve as the foundation of a new School Readiness program for Hawai‘i’s keiki. At the bill signing, he further announced that Dr. Georgenne (GG) Weisenfeld, our current Hawai‘i P-3 Director of Early Learning of Hawai‘i P-20 Partnerships for Education, will become the new Director of the Executive Office on Early Learning (EOEL), starting July 16th. Click here to read the Governor’s official press release.

We celebrate this new development with Dr. Weisenfeld as she moves into a position of statewide significance. She has been a brilliant and innovative leader in her time with Hawai‘i P-3. Fortunately, she will continue to be a strategic policy leader for P-3, and we fully anticipate that all of the P-3 initiatives will continue seamlessly. For those initiatives and the P-3 demonstration project work, the point of contact will be Ms. Kim Guieb, our P-3 Operations Specialist, whom many of you know and respect for her amazing capacity and who will lead our P-3 program forward.

In the next few weeks and months, more details will emerge about our working relationship with EOEL. Thank you for your continued support!


Karen Lee, Ed.D.
Executive Director
Hawai‘i P-20 Partnerships for Education

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