Wai`anae Boy Does Good: Pacific Purchase Launches

Jose Cueto, a 1995 Waianae High School graduate, recently launched “Pacific Purchase.” Here is information from the company website:

Aloha and welcome to Pacific Purchase LLC, the online store that provides beautiful Hawaii gifts and clothing. If you are interested in making some extra money or just looking to receive discounts on items from our store, then please take a few minutes to read about our Distributor Program below.
Here at Pacific Purchase LLC, our Distributor Program works very similar to Affiliate Programs. If you direct customers to our website, you will be rewarded and compensated if any sales are made. The only difference here with our program, is that we added a little twist of Multi-Level Marketing. To enroll in our program, all you will need is an email address and a paypal account.
Once you have signed up and become a member, you will be issued a Link or Banner. These are the tools you will be using to promote our website and we willl be using them to track your sales. When a customer clicks on your link or banner, they will be directed back to PacificPurchase.com. If they decide to make a purchase, you will receive a commission fee of 15% on all Hard Goods sales and $2 on all Business Plan sales. Commission payments are issued via paypal.
There are many ways to promote your link. Here are some examples below.
1. Place your link or banner on your web page.
2. Send it to friends or family via email, twitter, or facebook.
3. Text it to someone on your cell phone.
4. Buy it as a gift for someone and have them promote it for you.
Now that you have the basic understanding of how our how our business plan works, let me show you what makes our program so unique. At Pacific Purchase LLC we added a little twist of Multi-Level Marketing to our program. The MLM plan we have in place is called a 5×7 Forced Matrix. This means you can have a maximum of 5 members on your first level and your downline can only go 7 levels deep. If more than 5 people join the program from your link, they will automatically be placed on your 2nd level or the next vacant level. This process is called a spillover.
So how does the MLM plan work and how can you make money? Let’s say someone clicks on your link and watches the video on our website. After watching the video that person now wants to become a distributor like you. Once they enroll and become a member, they will be placed in your downline. Anytime someone in your downline makes a sale, you will be compensated 1% for all Hard Goods sales and $2 for all Business Plan sales.
How much will it cost to become a Distributor at Pacific Purchase LLC?
At Pacific Purchase LLC, one of our main goals here was to make it very easy and affordable for everyone to join up. That is why we are only asking for a 1-time purchase of $29 for our Company Business Plan and that is it. There will be no monthly fees and no required purchases to keep your membership active.
So what are the reasons why you should join our program?
1. You only pay $29 to get started.
2. Once a member, you will receive our business plan, access to your website link/banner, Products to sell, a Video to
help you sell, and all the necessary tools to run your business.
3. You get a 15% discount on all personal purchases made from our store.
4. At anytime you can log into your account and check the status of your sales.
5. Being that this is a 5X7 Forced Matrix plan, your team can grow very fast because of Spillovers.
For further inquiries about our program, please check out our FAQ page or contact us at
Here is the link to a video explaining the Pacific Purchase Distributor Program: http://pacificpurchase.com/affiliate_program.php
[Note from Maile: Mahalo to Waianae High graduate Ignacio Fleishour for providing this information, and for helping to launch Pacific Purchase. Ignacio is the CEO of Surf On Network (http://surfonn.com)]

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