Mailiili Watershed Management Plan

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The State Department of Health Clean Water Branch (CWB) has contracted with Townscape, Inc. to develop the Mailiili Watershed Management Plan, a holistic community-based plan to restore water quality and ecosystem health in the watershed via specific implementable projects. Projects can be anything from re-vegetating streambanks with native vegetation to prevent erosion, to education and outreach to farmers on pesticide use, to enforcement against illegal dumping. There is a total of $1.4 million available for watershed improvements in the  Mailiili Watershed. Part of these funds will be used to install stormwater control projects and to develop the Watershed Plan. The majority of the funds will be used for implementing the projects proposed in the plan, which will also be eligible for federal funding under section 319 (h) of the Clean Water Act and other funding sources. These projects will focus on addressing land-based pollution and restoring water quality and aquatic resources within the watershed.

Since streams flow through private property as well as military property, any restoration projects are best implemented with input from landowners and the community. Mohala I Ka Wai, a Waianae-based community nonprofit organization working to protect and restore natural resources (among other things), has been contracted to help Townscape, Inc. do community outreach to gather information from individuals and groups with knowledge about water flows and conditions within the Mailiili  Stream system, as well as people with suggestions for specific projects. We are asking anyone in the community with knowledge and/or interest to contact Cynthia Rezentes (Mohala I Ka Wai) at or 497-1432 or Tina Speed at or 536-6999, extension 4. For more information and a map of the project area, please go to the following website and click on the link provided for the project fact sheet:

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L-R: Tina Speed, Maile, and Cynthia Rezentes.

L-R: Tina Speed, Maile, and Cynthia Rezentes.

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