4th Annual “Hana Like Kakou” Fundraiser for US VETS Wai`anae Homeless Shelter (4/20/13)


Fourth Annual Hana Like Kakou

“Many Hands Working Together”

You are cordially invited to attend a fundraising dinner on …

Saturday the 20th of April 2013

from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

at the Pacific Beach Hotel in Waikiki

Please join us as we share stories of lives mended together, much like the intricate process utilized by a lauhala weaver

We cordially invite your sponsorship to support local homeless individuals, couples, and family households, both veteran and non-veteran,

by participating inthis worthwhile event presented by the staff of

U.S.VETS Waianae, Pai’olu Kaiaulu

Master of Ceremonies: Captain Paul Stewart from 107.9’s Cool Radio

Color Guard: National Anthem and Hawaii Pono’i by Ginai

withmusical stylings by Tihati Productions

Update by Mr. Darryl J. Vincent, Chief Operating Officer for U.S.VETS

Keynote Speaker:Senator Brickwood Galuteria

Client Success Stories

Silent Auction featuring items by local artisans

For tickets, donation and sponsorship information,

please contact Ms. Rita Martin or Ikaika Pu’u at 808-664-1400.

It would be an honor to have you attend.

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Wai`anae Coast Residents Testify in Support of Farrington Highway Realignment Feasibility Study at Makaha Surfing Beach

 Maile testified in strong support of realigning Farrington Highway mauka of the canoe halau at Makaha Surfing Beach at the 4/10/13 OMPO Policy Committee hearing (See the full text of Maile’s testimony below).  The Committee deferred voting on the measure until a later date.  [Click the photos to enlarge]


Maile and Al Frenzel

Maile and Al Frenzel

Keoni Ford, Rep. Jo Jordan, and Maile

Testifiers Keoni Ford, Rep. Jo Jordan, and Maile.

More pictures from the 4/10/13 OMPO hearing can be viewed on Councilwoman Kymberly Pine’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Kymberly.Marcos.Pine
in Support of
Addition of a Farrington Highway Realignment Feasibility Study
to the Draft FYs 2014-2015 Overall Work Program (OWP)
Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization
Policy Committee
Councilmember Breene Harimoto, Chair
Agenda Item III: Draft FYs 2014-2015 Overall Work Program (OWP), Addition of Farrington Highway Realignment Feasibility Study
Wednesday, April 10, 2013
City Council Committee Meeting Room
I write in support of adding the proposed Farrington Highway Realignment Feasibility Study to the Draft FYs 2014-2015 Overall Work Program (OWP).
It has long been the desire of the Leeward community and Oahu residents who enjoy recreation areas along the Leeward Coast, to improve the longevity and safety of Farrington Highway along this crucial juncture in Makaha. The realignment of Farrington Highway mauka of Makaha Beach Park will have benefit Oahu by expanding recreational use of the surrounding park, increase public safety, eliminate future repairs by moving the highway out of a beach erosion and storm wave zone, and improve access in and out of the surrounding neighborhoods.
The dire need to relocate Farrington Highway at Makaha Beach has been well documented.
In 2007, news media reported on the danger of the highway to pedestrians after the City removed one of the showers on the makai side of the highway:
In 2010, DLNR conducted a study which concluded, among other things, that the highway causes unnatural sand erosion, necessitating annual sand-pushing to protect public safety:
The community and government have had to push sand at Makaha Beach many times, and at great expense, to protect public safety. For example, two sand-pushing events occurred in 2011:
Now, in 2013, the community is in uproar about the Makaha Bridge project being conducted by
the State, in part due to concern that it may negatively impact the City’s 1997 plan to relocate
Farrington Highway. Click on this link for more information:
With the Policy Committee’s support, the Farrington Highway Realignment Feasibility Study will move this long-desired project closer to fruition by updating the estimate of the potential costs, benefits, and the planning necessary to realistically accomplish this project in the near future.
Thank you for the opportunity to share my views with you and I kindly request your support by supporting the addition of the proposed Farrington Highway Realignment Feasibility Study to the Draft FYs 2014-2015 Overall Work Program (OWP).
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
Senator Maile Shimabukuro

Waianae Elementary School Update

Maile’s office received a message from a resident concerned about Waianae Elementary School’s receipt of a “School Improvement Grant”. Please find below the Board of Education (BOE) response, as well as the resident’s message to Maile:
BOE Response (April 2013):

The School Improvement Grant program is a federally funded award given to schools that demonstrate a need for additional assistance. Waianae Elementary School is one of those schools. The school will receive the grant funds for three years to support school improvement by:
1) developing a common formative assessment system to analyze and record student needs, progress and intervention plan; 2) institutionalizing a data management and decision making system focused on results; 3) refining instruction by providing all teachers with training and coaching; 4) designing and implementing a positive behavior system for students; and 5) restructuring the school schedule to provide extended learning time, intervention time as well as core instruction time.
Waianae Elementary School is also a school within the educationally progressive zone of school innovation which is part of the federal Race to the Top grant. With these additional supports, the school is focused on improving student achievement not only on the Hawaii State Assessment but on multiple measures of success.
The Board of Education and the Department of Education recently approved a strategic plan that includes multiple measures of student success. You can find the strategic plan along with a explanatory video at the following links:
Board/Department Strategic Plan: http://doe.k12.hi.us/curriculum/strategicplan.htm Strategic Plan Video: http://vimeo.com/61645894
March 2013 Facebook message from Kuhio Kane:
Seems my messages come back to me without reply, Maile. So, the ratification of a new four year contract brings public school teachers 17% over the next four years. Right back to where we started when the state took it away from teachers four years ago. I suggest HSTA work to incorporate COLAs for the past four years PLUS COLAs for the next four years within the new contract upcoming, if it’s ratified by HSTA/teachers.
Wai`anae Elementary School has just been designated an SIG school. SIG =
• The turnaround model in which the LEA replaces the principal and rehires no more than 50% of the staff, gives the principal greater autonomy, and implements other prescribed and recommended strategies.
• The “restart model” in which the LEA converts or closes and reopens a school under a charter school operator, charter management organization, or education management organization.
• The “school closure model” in which the LEA closes the school and enrolls the students in other schools in the LEA that are higher achieving.
• The “transformation model” in which the LEA replaces the principal (except in specified situations), implements a rigorous staff evaluation and development system, institutes comprehensive instructional reform, increases learning time and applies community-oriented school strategies, and provides greater operational flexibility and support for the school.
In other words, attaching standardized testing (which has been proven to be unreliable at best as an indication of improvement, especially in high poverty areas) to student / school improvement “grades,” is a poor way to evaluate teachers and students.
What SIGs do is upset the school operations while giving a strong incentive to the state to allow privatization of the school by for-profit, taxpayer-funded, charter schools. What do you think about this?
It’s the poverty. Get it? What are your thoughts on this? The Wai`anae Coast district schools will not show the highly-vaunted “no excuses” improvement without fixing the community first.
I’d really like to know how you feel about this since you are a “local” from the westside. And I voted for you.