Sen. Shimabukuro Rejects $12 Million Offer to Rename Wai’anae ‘’


Click here to see the initial proposal, sent to Sen. Maile Shimabukuro by dating website Click the image to see Lara Yamada’s KITV4 video report and the article.

[Note: The following excerpts are from Lara Yamada’s “Dating Website Offers Waianae $12 Million to Change Name: Sen. Shimabukuro Denies Offer” (KITV4, 2 Apr. 2013).]

LOS ANGELES —Dating website proposed to government officials representing Waianae to change its name in exchange for $12 million.

If the deal was approved, Waianae would become for 10 years.  The names of the Waianae Community Center and Waianae Boat Harbor would be changed with the website’s name.  Official government buildings would also have to be renamed.  Also, one of the main streets in Waianae must be changed to USA.  There would also be a formal ceremony to present a key to the city to the CEO of

“Of course the $12 million is a very tempting prospect.  But, to take our historical name and to give it this name of a dating website, I think would be a stretch,” said Sen. Shimabukuro.

Shimabukuro denied the offer.  The senator did say that she appreciates that the company did its research because streams in Waianae were diverted to sugar cane fields when it was a booming industry, which is why the area is so dry now.

Update 4/3/13: See Sara Lin’s “Has Dating Website Failed to Woo Waianae With $12M Name Change?” (Honolulu Civil Beat, 4/2/13).  Also see the comment by Kris Coffield, Legislative Director at IMUAlliance: “Sen. Maile Shimabukuro would never allow a company known for facilitating prostitution and sex-trafficking to institutionalize itself on the West side of O’ahu, from which many child victims come. Shame on this site for engaging is such heinous, overt recruiting tactics. It’s no coincidence, I’d imagine, that they targeted an impoverished community, whose fiscally vulnerable constituents may be more likely to fall prey to unscrupulous financial schemes. Poor kids have big dreams, too, but less opportunity to achieve them because of scarce monetary resources. Taking advantage of that – especially with regard to sex – is blithely immoral.”

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