Ask Your Senator! March 18-22

 Education Week Presents: Ask Your Senator


Education Week at the State Capitol is right around the corner! This year marks the 10th anniversary of Education week, which will be held from March 18 to March 22. Organized by the Hawaii State Senate Committee on Education, this interactive week-long celebration honors the achievements and innovative efforts of our local schools, educators and various programs throughout the state from early childhood to the university level. Hawaii State Senators are once again taking the event to the classroom with the “Ask Your Senator” project, to find out what our future leaders want to know about their State. This is the second year of the “Ask Your Senator” project.

The concept behind the “Ask Your Senator” project is simple. We want to know what classrooms and students from across the State are thinking, by asking them to ask us, their Senators, a question. After the questions are collected, Senators will take the time to answer select questions through online videos, which will be shared with the students as well as with the wider community.

This project provides opportunity for students to lead the discussion, through student driven and student oriented questions. Students may take part of the “Ask Your Senator” project as a group (school or classroom) or as an individual student. The various ways you can participate are listed below. Questions will be collected between March 4th and March 13th. Once questions are selected, Senators will answer questions through videos which will be published online and sent back to the schools, classrooms, and individual students.

If you need help coming up with questions to ask, example questions could include topics in the areas such as: the legislative processes, issues or problems in your community, or general questions about the role of the legislature.

Ways to participate in “Ask Your Senator”

Email- Send your question (s) or video link to

Twitter– Use the hashtag #HIAskYourSen

Facebook– There are several ways you can send a message on Facebook:

  • Share your message to the Hawaii Senate Majority Facebook page under the note Section, Ask Your Senator?
  • Share your message with your Senator on their Facebook page.

YouTube/ Online Video– Email your YouTube/ Online video link to


For more information go to:

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