Tomra Recycling Hawaii reverse vending machine at the Hawaii State Capitol


The Tomra 42 looks like a vending machine, except that it collects empty aluminum cans and plastic beverage containers and spits out a voucher that can be redeemed for the value of the cans deposited.

The machine is located in the capitol parking garage.


2 Responses

  1. Seems like a clever idea; does it cost “more” or “less” than traditional ways of collecting recycling?


  2. The opala site is way outdated with it’s reverse vending info, so I was glad to find some current info here affirming these still existed at this location. It would have been very helpful if a few more details were offered as to their location, both in terms of where they are in the garage, as well as how to to enter the garage and get to them (through miller st, I found after about 15 minutes of circling in confusion). Nice machines, though, to get away from the horror I hear about in-person recycling where you are asked/required to sort bottles by colors, etc.


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