A Very Important Message from Ku’ulani Keohokalole

Be My Voice2

Dear fellow moms and advocates,

Today, two bills, HB853 (allowing state funds to go to private providers of preschool) and HB864 (establishing a statewide early ed program) were heard before the House Judiciary committee. Mahalo for your testimonies submitted. It was truly amazing to hear the names of those in support as if it were a roll call of our Be My Voice advocates. So awesome!I decided to get up and testify in person in addition to my written testimony today. I felt compelled, after hearing the few voices of opposition who represented big organizations but not the everyday working families. I was nervous having never testified before! I jotted down a few notes and decided just to speak from the heart.It felt so good to give a parent’s perspective and to bring the issue down to a real, everyday level — not a lobbying position, or what’s best for an organization — but how this affects an everyday family.So here’s where we need you to do the same. Within the next two weeks, these bills are going to move to the money committee (Finance). If you recall from our training, this is where the bills can die. It’s going to be critical to have your voice be heard. Written testimony in support is a must, but showing up in person is really important to give a presence and face to the issue. Let’s make sure they can see the communities that will be affected!

I’ll be making phone calls as soon as we find out when the budget hearing is. Keep your eyes and ears peeled! In the meantime, you can:

Please write to the Finance committee in support of HB853 and HB864! FINtestimony@capitol.hawaii.gov

Email/call me with any questions! Together, we’ll make this happen!


Ku’ulani Keohokalole, M.A.
Policy & Public Engagement Specialist – Oahu
Good Beginnings Alliance
33 S. King Street #200 Honolulu, HI 96813
P: 808.531.5502 ext. 304
F: 808.531.5702
“Every keiki deserves a good beginning”

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