Maile’s Bill List – 2013 Session

Sen. Maile Shimabukuro 1/29/13

Sen. Maile Shimabukuro 1/29/13

The following is a list of the bills I have introduced or support for the 2013 session. The bills I introduced are listed in numerical order, and links to each bill’s status are included:

SB60/HB179 – Victim’s Rights: Victims and the families of victims shall be informed of their rights to participate in restorative justice processes by the prosecutor’s office or the police in the event that the criminal case that harmed them does not result in criminal charges being brought against a person or entity.

SB61/HB183 – Ho`oponopono for Juvenile Law Violators: Participation in a restorative justice program where the child and her or his parents or guardian along with other supporters of the child may or may not meet with the victim harmed by the child’s law violation along with the victim’s supporters.

SB62/HB273 – Convictions: Provide support services to rehabilitate persons wrongfully convicted and imprisoned.

SB63/HB375 – Tire Dumping: Re-establish surcharge of $1 per tire that lapsed in 2006 to provide DOH with funding to combat illegal tire dumping

SB66/HB449 – Financial Disclosure Statements: Make financial disclosure statements issued by members of state boards or commissions publicly accessible.

SB67/HB274 – Eyewitness Identification: Codify eyewitness ID procedures to improve accuracy and fairness, and provide court remedies for failure to follow proper procedures.

SB68/HB1054 – Sentencing/Drug Offenses: Eliminate mandatory minimum sentencing for class B and C drug-related felonies.

SB316/HB182 – Restorative Justice for Juvenile Cases: The court may dispose of the case by referring the child to a restorative justice program when the court deems it would be in the best interest of the child and the child admits guilt.

SB317/HB1159 – Indigenous Peoples’ Day: Rename “Discoverers’ Day” to “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” to continue to honor the Polynesian discoverers of Hawaii and to highlight the struggles of indigenous peoples throughout the world.

SB318/HB663 – Plastic Bags/ Composting: prohibits the sale of plastic bags within the state, which are labeled “compostable” or “degradable” or “biodegradable” unless the bags conform to standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

SB319/HB664 – Ocean Clean Ups: permit jet skis to be used for ocean clean ups.

SB516/HB615 – Paternities for Adults: Repeal the 3 year statute of limits for children to file paternity actions after attaining age 18. Rationale is to allow adult petitioners to establish paternity for inheritance and genealogy purposes (eg, to qualify the Hawaiian entitlements).

SB517/HB402 – Clotheslines: Require the state to allow public housing tenants to use clotheslines.  (Note: House Draft 1 calls for a state study of the feasibility of installing clotheslines at all public housing projects)

SB518/HB1158 – Low Income Housing: prohibit state from considering a prospective tenant’s conviction for a minor crime that occurred five years or more before application.

SB565/HB1044 – Tsunami Safety: require all businesses to close in tsunami inundation zones after a warning is issued, to prevent traffic congestion and protect the safety of employees, customers, ambulances, & the public (including emergency workers).

SB566/HB374 – Tire Tracking: Require tire importers to accept, acquire or purchase used tires. The amount of used tires collected must be at least 95% of the number of tires sold. Additionally, each importer shall file an annual report with DOH that documents the number of tires imported, the number of used tires collected, and how the tires were disposed of.

SB567/HB665 – At-Risk Youth Task Force: establishes a Task Force that would come up with suggestions to create a cost-effective and comprehensive system to address problems relating to at-risk youth and their families.

SB568/HB666 – Sand Theft: Elimination of “one-gallon per person per day” exception to the prohibition against the removal of sand and other other beach or marine deposits, except for materials inadvertently taken. Creates an exemption for public emergencies and traditional cultural practices.

SB569/HB441 – Tire Dumping: Re-establish surcharge of $1 per tire that lapsed in 2006, for replacement tires, to provide DOH with funding to combat illegal tire dumping

SB570/HB711 – Theft Threshold: Amend Section 708-831 HRS to change the felony theft threshold from $300 to $750 to adjust for inflation and bring Hawaii more in line with other state statutes.

SB1262/HB1307 – Landfills/Community Benefits: establishes a host municipality benefit fee of $250 per health and safety violation to be paid by the operator of a privately owned or operated resource recovery landfill and have fines go to Nanakuli High & Intermediate School.

SB1263/HB1057 –Meal Breaks: Requires employers to provide meal breaks for employees who work more than a total of five hours a day. Imposes penalties on employers who fail to provide meal breaks. Clarifies that the employer’s liability is based on an employee’s regular wage at the time the infraction occurred.

SB1264/HB753 – Voluntary Wellness Programs: Allows healthcare insurers, employers, and medicaid programs to offer voluntary wellness programs. Establishes what a wellness program may and may not use as rewards or incentives for participation in a wellness program. Protects confidentiality of participants in a wellness program.

SB1265/HB1150 – Attorney’s Fees/Unclaimed Property: Exempts an owner’s agreement with an attorney to file a claim as to identified property or contest the administrator’s denial of a claim from the application of section 523A-25, Hawaii Revised Statutes.

SB1266/HB690 – Motor Vehicle Insurance: Increases the minimum liability coverage from $20,000 to $50,000 pe690r person and the aggregate limit from $40,000 to $100,000 per accident for motor vehicle insurance policies.

SB1343/HB1357 – Adequate Highway Capacity Requirement: require state DOT to certify that adequate freeway capacity for major peak-hour commuting to work in the Primary Urban Center exists before any future construction of housing developments can commence.

SB1342/HB1393 – Asset Forfeiture: authorizes the forfeiture of any property used or taken in any violation of laws or rules that results in petty misdemeanor.

SB1341/HB1304 – Landfills: Places a moratorium on any new municipal solid waste landfills on the Waianae Coast after 11/1/2017.

SB883 SD1 – Collective Bargaining: creates a new bargaining unit for first responders, including state law enforcement officers and state and county ocean safety and water safety officers.

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  1. Really interested in many of these bills. Would like to spend some time talking with you about them. Aloha, Rodlyn


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