Full Scholarship Available for Native Hawaiian to Attend DC-Based Native Leadership Program – Deadline 12/15/12

The George Washington University’s political management program supports a semester-long political leadership program for American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians, called the Native American Political Leadership Program.  There is currently an opening for a Native Hawaiian student to participate for the Spring 2013 semester, but GWU has not received any applications from Hawaiian students.  The general deadline has passed, but due to the program’s commitment to Native Hawaiians, they’ve agreed to extend their application deadline for Native Hawaiian candidates.

If a qualified Native Hawaiian student applies by December 15, she or he will be eligible to receive a full ride —  including housing, books, tuition, and a stipend – to attend the George Washington University’s Native American Political Leadership Program for the Spring 2013 semester.

Can you help to spread the word?  As a professor at the program, I can tell you that it’s a great opportunity for Native Hawaiians to be immersed in DC’s political world, so they can bring that firsthand knowledge back to our community.  I’d hate to see this spot unfilled, since we know that our community is full of bright young scholars who would benefit.

Applicants can be undergraduates, graduate students, or even young professionals who already graduated college.  Applicants can send their information directly to me, or to the program itself. I am happy to email with or talk to interested candidates.

Here is their website for more information:http://semesterinwashington.gwu.edu/native-american-political-leadership-program

Sela V. Panapasa, PhD
Assistant Research Scientist I Program for Research on Black Americans Institute for Social Research I University of Michigan 426 Thompson Street I Ann Arbor I MI 48106 T: 734.615.4081 I  F: 734.763.0044 I E: panapasa@umich.edu http://www.isr.umich.edu/home/

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