Star-Advertiser: ‘Key Senator Open to PLDC Repeal’

[Note: The excerpts below are from Derrick DePledge’s article “Key Senator Open to PLDC Repeal,” Star-Advertiser, Nov. 21, 2012. The subhead is “Dela Cruz criticizes the agency he had pushed to establish.”]

State Sen. Donovan Dela Cruz, one of the driving forces behind the Public Land Development Corp., said Tuesday he would be open to a repeal of the law because of what he believes is inconsistent implementation.

“We’re not talking about projects; we’re talking about organization. So the fact that the Public Land Development Corp. has not been able to organize, has not been able to develop an operational strategy is disturbing,” said Dela Cruz (D, Wheeler-Wahiawa-Scho­field).

William Aila, the DLNR director, who also serves on the PLDC’s board, said the Abercrombie administration and the PLDC would like the opportunity to work with all parties to try to resolve concerns. “I don’t think that a repeal is necessary at this point,” he said.

Other sources, speaking privately, say that overwhelming opposition to the PLDC from environmentalists and from some Native Hawaiian and labor interests has caused the administration to reconsider and “slow down” implementation. Rather than adopt the new draft of the PLDC’s administrative rules or take the rules out for additional public hearings on the neighbor islands, the PLDC and the administration will likely meet with those who have been critical of the rules process and the law.

“The PLDC’s purpose is to fund new schools, recreational facilities and operations by using public lands for public purposes that otherwise may not have had sufficient funding,” Gov. Neil Abercrombie said in a statement. “The PLDC was drafted by the Legislature in order to address these longstanding issues…. At the end of the day, it is the creation of the Legislature and the Legislature can decide its future.”

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