Sen. Shimabukuro Learns of Alternatives to Landfilling on HPower Plant Tour

Legislators toured HPower/Covanta on 10/10/12.  L-R: Rep. Gil Keith-Agaran, Rep. Tom Brower, Rep. Mark Nakashima, Sen. Maile Shimabukuro, Rep. Jo Jordan, Rep. Ty Cullen, Rep. Henry Aquino, Rep. Ryan Yamane.  (Note: Several other Senators and Representatives who attended the tour are missing from the photo). Click the image to enlarge.

On 10/10/12, Sen. Shimabukuro toured the HPower/Covanta plant in Kalaeloa, which is where all of Oahu’s gray trash bins go for processing.  She learned that HPower takes all of Oahu’s municipal solid waste (MSW), and 85% of the island’s total trash (prior to expansion, they had taken 65%).  HPower also recycles all the metal they receive through our trash using giant magnets, and provides electricity for approximately 8 percent of Oahu’s homes.

“The ash by-product from HPower is an inert substance that states such as Pennsylvania reuse to pave roads and for other purposes,” Shimabukuro stated.  “However, Oahu sends the ash to the landfill.  I want to investigate whether this can be changed.”

Sen. Shimabukuro trying her hand at some of the high-tech controls. Click the image to enlarge.

“HPower also shared that they are in the process of being approved to accept sewage sludge, another item which is currently landfilled,” Shimabukuro continued.  “It was very eye-opening to learn that HPower hopes to eventually be able to accept even more than 85% of our trash, which reduces our need to use landfills.”

All the photos Sen. Shimabukuro took on the HPower tour can be seen at this link:

More information about HPower/Covanta can be found at their website:

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