‘kNOw MORE!’ March – Oct 6 at 85-888 Farrington Hwy – Hui Hana Pono (old Hanarra’s) 9AM

Click here for photos taken on 10/6/12.
Click flyer to enlarge.

From: wnp-bfc@wccmhc.org
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2012 00:16:36 -1000
Subject: Saturday–10/6 “kNOw MORE” DV March — LOCATION 85-888 Farrington Highway –Hui Hana Pono (old Hanarra’s)

Aloha All,

I was informed today that there have been some confusion regarding the Wai’anae Community Domestic Violence March … the march is not at HCAP, Boat Harbor or Waianae High School, please help us spread that word.

The staging area will be at Hale Na’au Pono’s Hui Hana Pono Clubhouse program…located between Waianae Drug Store and Golden House Restaurant…mauka side of the road near Waianae Store…if you need more details about location – please let me know.

Here is our flyer [see above]…unfortunately, we are not collecting any more pre-order forms – but while supplies last, we have t-shirts available that day. Remember, if you don’t show on Saturday by 9:30am (10/6), and you pre-ordered a shirt…we will give “your” t-shirt away at 9:45am to those who are there to march. Your pre-order form does NOT entitle you to a shirt if you don’t come to the march (sorry, no exceptions)….any questions, please let me know.

Here is the link to the location from Google maps…go to this link – http://goo.gl/maps/ELHOA

Hui Hana Pono (old Hanarra’s)

I hope this helps with “damage control”….

Mahalo for your time, interest and support in this efforts!
Ka Wahi Kaiaulu-Wai’anae Neighborhood Place
Hale Na’au Pono
Phone: (808) 696-4598
Program Email: wnp-bfc@wccmhc.org
Website: http://wccmhc.org/wnp

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