Westside Stories: Na Keiki o Ka Mo’i Canoe Club Brings Victory to the Westside

Westside Stories, Aug. 2012. Click image to enlarge.

Brother and sister, Danon Ka’aekuahiwi (assistant coach) and Lisa Ka’aekuahiwi (head coach), proudly accept awards at Hui Wa’a Championships — 1st Place in the AAA Division, Club of the Year and Coaches of the Year. Photo and caption from Westside Stories, Aug. 2012.

Na Keiki O Ka Mo’i’s senior men’s crew held the lead through the second turn of their race on Sunday [7.1.12]. Photo and caption from Star-Advertiser 7.2.12.

Na Keiki O Ka Mo’i Canoe Club
Agency: Hawai’i Family Services, Inc.
Eligibility: Youth (10 & up) and adults
Fee: $100-$125 fee, fundraising, or scholarships may be available. Can apply for family discounts.
Service: A multi-generational ocean activity that involves both family and community. Teaches team work, a sense of unity, and cultural pride. Both groups start April 1st.
Phone No: 696-3482
Area Served: Oahu (Waianae)

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