MaziEmail: Helpful Hints for Hawaii Driver’s License Renewal


Over the last few months, my office has received dozens of calls on the new rules to renew or apply for drivers’ licenses in Hawaii. People are confused about the changes and don’t know what documentation is needed. Many have faced long lines or forgotten documents—resulting in missed deadlines and growing frustration with the system.

My office will do its best in this newsletter to take you through the process.

The state’s new driver’s licensing requirements went into effect on March 5, 2012. This means anyone applying for an original or renewal of their driver’s license must bring to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) documents that show:

  1. Proof of your legal presence in the United States
  2. Proof of your identity – your legal name AND your date of birth
  3. Your Social Security number

What is legal presence?
Legal presence is when a person is a U.S. citizen or is legally authorized to be in the United States. You must show acceptable documents to prove legal presence, legal name and your date of birth. There are nearly 20 documents you can choose from (for a full list, please click here). These documents must be the originals or certified copies – photocopies or faxed copies will not be accepted. Here are some commonly used documents:

  1. A U.S. state or local government–issued birth certificate or Birth ID Card
  2. A U.S. state or local government–issued consular report of birth abroad
  3. A valid U.S. passport
  4. A valid foreign passport with appropriate immigration document(s), valid unexpired U.S. visa accompanied by the approved I-94 form

To show proof of your Social Security number, you must show one of nine acceptable documents, which include:

  1. Social Security card
  2. A W-2
  3. Medicare card (Suffix A, M, T, and TA only)
  4. A valid U.S. active duty/retiree/reservist military ID card, provided the Social Security number is printed on the card

For a full list of acceptable documents, please click here.

Names must be the same on all documents.

For example, if your maiden name is on your Social Security card and your married name is on your passport, also bring an original document (not a copy) that shows proof of the name change, such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree.

For a complete list of acceptable documents and details on the new requirements, please visit:

Or, call your county DMV office:

  • County of Hawaii: (808) 961-2222
  • C & C of Honolulu: (808) 532-7730
  • County of Kauai: (808) 241-4242
  • County of Maui: (808) 270-7363

Mahalo for your patience throughout the process.

If you’d like to contact me, please visit my website to send an email, call my District Office at (808) 541-1986 or send me a tweet at @maziehirono. The direct (free) numbers to call my office from the neighbor islands are:

  • Hawaii Island — 935-3756
  • Kauai & Niihau — 245-1951
  • Lanai — 565-7199
  • Maui — 242-1818
  • Milch — 552-0160




Mazie K. Hirono
Member of Congress
2nd District of Hawaii

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Oahu 541-1986
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Maui 242-1818
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