Hamburger Steak Plate Fundraiser & Yard Sale for Aspiring Waianae Student July 7 & 8

Please help support Manny Miles’ college tuition at Universal Technical Institute. He wants to learn to become a diesel mechanic operator so that he can come back and fix farm equipment and farm. He needs to raise $5,000.00 for his trip to CA in Sept.
Manny Miles, center, with First Lady Michelle Obama when she visited MA’O Farms in Nov. 2011.
Pick Up Dates & Times: 86-024 Glenmonger Street, Wai’anae
Saturday, July 7: 10a-1:30p, 4-8p
Sunday, July 8: 10a-1p, 4-6p
**if order 6 or more, and live in Wai’anae, we can deliver!
Cost: $7.00
For $7.00 you will get Aunty Malia’s famous 2 hamburger steak patties smothered in homemade gravy, 2 scoops of rice, 1 scoop of macaroni salad or tossed greens.
Place an Order: with your orders: # plates, day & time of pick up/deliver, kind of salad want, name & contact information or call 478-1927 (Manny’s cell), 721-6592 (Summer’s cell).
Yard Sale July 7-8: 86-024 Glenmonger Street, Wai’anae
A yard sale will be held at the same time to raise money for Manny. We are seeking yard sale donations. Call 478-1927 (Manny’s cell) or 721-6592 (Summer’s cell).
[Note: Manny Miles is Sen. Shimabukuro’s brother-in-law]

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