Drug Abuse Prevention Measures Passed in 2012

Aloha Senators Hee and Shimabukuro,

The Hawaii Substance Abuse Coalition wants to express our heartfelt gratitude to you and your wonderful staff for all the hard work and support you provided to social services such as treatment and prevention for alcohol and drug addiction.

As our outcomes and cost-effectiveness has been significantly positive over the last years, we have seen a growing trend to support our programs.

We appreciate your support for:
1. Increased ADAD budget by $200K for the 20-30 treatment and prevention agencies across the state.
2. Approved Justice Reinvestment process to change prison dollars to treatment services.
3. Created clean and sober living task force to deal with community complaints while mindful of ADA regulations.

With your help next year, we hope to:
1. Enact state legislation to support 2008 Federal Parity law as a means to save money.
2. Increase residential programs to treat criminality as well as addiction (to change criminal thinking) as a means to further savings in Judiciary and PSD.

Working together under your community leadership, we will focus on outcome driven newtechnology that improves wellness while reducing costs.

Alan Johnson – Chairperson
Hawaii Substance Abuse Coalition

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