2012 Kealopiko Ku Season Collection

www.kealopiko.com// www.styledinhawaii.com

[co-creator of Kealopiko is Ane Bakutis, who grew up in Waianae]

Aloha aina ia oukou a pau e na hoa o Kealopiko,

The time of Ku is in full swing and the heat that will blossom into summer is beginning to show itself. We hope things are heating up for all of you in terms of endeavors and ambitions that have been waiting for the right time to come to the fore.

E like me ka mau (like usual), this Ku Season Line brings you gifts from mountains and sea: Iliahi and Alala designs from the uka, Kikakapu and Wana/Haukeuke from the kai.

E na wahine, get ready to beat the Ku time heat in our new spaghetti strap tanks and the new jumper dresses. We have also brought back the slub v-neck blouses and the much desired baggie tees, but in a softer-lighter weight fabric. Just for the keiki, we are introducing the new comfy slub tees and lil girl dresses. And for the kane, the stylish slub v-neck’s, tees & polos are part of this season’s repertoire for you.

e o e na lani!

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