MA’O Ma Town Fundraiser 5/12/12 & Donation Request

Make checks payable to “WCRC,” and send to Attn: MA’O Ma Town, P. O. Box 441, Wai`anae, HI  96792.  Fundraiser will take place at 86-210 Puhawai Road, Wai`anae.  For more information, contact Charlie Lacaden at or call her at 696-5569.   For additional information, visit MA’O’s website, by clicking here or going to:  [Click image to enlarge.]

From: Gary & Kukui Maunakea-Forth
Date: Mon, 4/16/12

Aloha Kākou,

We are once again hosting our annual fundraiser MA’O Ma Town 2012 @ MA’O Organic Farms. With that we would like to once again request your support in sending Wai’anae youth to college. To help fund these young farmers, make a donation in the form of an auction item for our Live or Silent Auction for this event. Please click on the link below to make a donation at the bottom of the page.

Attached is the Event Flyer and Donor Solicitation Letter (explains further action you can take and what and who your are contributing to)

Below is a little more information of this years event; Town Ma MA’O:

MA`O at the Crossroads

Our theme for Town ma MA`O this year has been set. Inspired by our alumni interns coming back to co-produce our flagship fundraising event, we mark the first ever MA`O ma Town fundraiser hosted at the farm: Town ma MA`O. MA`O is at an important tipping point and crossroads in our growth, a significant milestone in which we have created a hokupa`a (fixed star) from which to steer towards our desired future.

This year’s event finds MA`O returning to the piko, to our home farm in Lualualei Valley in the Wai`anae moku. MA`O at the Crossroads, returns us to the `aina, to that which feeds- literally and figuratively. Here at MA`O Organic Farms, youth leaders create an edupreneurial space in which they produce wonderful abundance every day for their `ohana and their community.

MA`O at the Crossroads is a culinary intersection of people and place, where we will once again work with co-producer Chefs Ed Kenney and Dave Caldeiro of Town and Downtown to create an memorable and indelible taste experience. Using their basic formula of no more than three ingredients on a plate, they will again highlight the Wai`anae terrior, the unique taste and character of the fruits and vegetables grown here.

MA`O at the Crossroads is a delicious presentation for the eyes, ears, nose and palette- where folks are welcome to dine amongst the organic fields where the Pahe`ehe`e ridge meanders toward the ocean, where majestic Ka`ala stands watchful and diligent over the fields below, where the kaiaulu wind blows its refreshing breeze upon us and where a stunning sunset will be on display In Lualualei’s amphitheatre of ridges and valleys.

MA`O at the Crossroads will create a cuisine bazaar where guests will be able to interact with the people and place that produce their food. As guests enter the crossroads venue, they will be facing our music, live auction and events stage. Guests will be delighted to mingle, talk story and dine amongst the unique straw bale and umbrella seating areas or as a VIP guest within special seating bays anchored up and down the crossroads.

MA`O at the Crossroads will provide grazing stations that feature Town/Downtown’s true farm-to-fork experience in which you will see, smell, taste and touch the essence of your food. Dotted along the roadways, these food ports will become your reference points as you navigate the foodscape spread out before you. Special destinations include first time co-producer Aloha Brewery at the easternmost point of the crossroads and our magnificent silent auction and makeke (market) at the westernmost point of the crossroads.

MA`O at the Crossroads attire is farm chic, so please come farm fresh, fabulous, and ready for fun!

Donation Link:

If the donation link doesn’t work for you, call Charlie Lacaden at 696-5569, email her at, or visit the website.

For additional information about MA’O Organic Farms, click here or visit their website:

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