Camping Permit Information from City & County

Camping permits are required to camp at City and County of Honolulu Family Campsites.  Camping is permitted starting from 8 am Friday through 8 am on either Monday or Wednesday depending on the campground.  There is no camping allowed on Wednesday and Thursday.

Family Campsite camping permits are made available starting at 5:00 p.m. two Fridays before the Friday that you wish to camp.

You may obtain available permits on-line at

Walk-in Camping Permits will not be available until the next business day following the Friday release.  Application may be made at the Frank Fasi Municipal Building, 650 South King St., DPR Permits Office.  Permits will be made available while supply lasts.

Each camper may obtain only one permit per camping week.  Permit holder must be at least 18 years of age.  A camping permit limits you to ten persons per campsite, children included, and two family sized tents.  Campers are required to abide by the camping rules, available for review at .

For additional information, please see our FAQ page at , email us at , or call the DPR Permits office camping phone number at 768-2267.


  1. LOGON to
  2. go to SIGN IN (green bar, top of the page)
  3. go to SIGN UP (near the middle of the page)
  4. fill fields (phone numbers must include area code)
  5. Select SUBMIT
  6. you will be directed to your email account to confirm your application
  7. you now have an active account


  1. Friday before 5pm
  2. Logon to
  3. sign in
  4. enter your email
  5. enter your password
  6. navigate to your desired campground using either the Campgrounds button or using the navigation arrows left or right of the mayors portrait
  7. at your campground ensure that the date is correct in the Date box and select the search box
  8. at 5pm all campsites should turn green
  9. move the cursor to the numbered campsite and Select
  10. check the box at “ I agree…”
  11. Select SUBMIT
  12. verify information
  13. complete the ReCaptcha box (should be two groups of characters)
  14. Select SUBMIT
  15. PRINT permit

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