URGENT! SCHHA/Ho`okulāiwi Partnership Needs Support

[Message from Margaret Maaka]

Aloha mai kakou:

Our SCHHA/Ho`okulāiwi appropriation to acquire UH faculty positions and operations monies to deliver critically needed teacher education/education programs to Hawaiian homestead communities has been dropped from the Senate version of the state budget (HB 2012 HD 1 SD1). We need to get it reinstated. The bill is going to conference April 17 at 7pm.

Please see below sample testimony and email addresses of legislators. Because testimony will not be accepted at the conference, please send your testimony to the conferees’ email addresses.

FOLKS—Please help to keep it going. We need as many people as possible to send emails.

Co-Chair, SCHHA Committee on Education
Director, Ho`okulāiwi

SAMPLE TESTIMONY–Please feel free to cut and paste. Make sure you sign your name

April 17, 2012


To: Senator David Ige, Chair, WAM

Representative Marcus Oshiro, Chair, FIN

Senator Michelle Kidani, Vice-Chair, WAM

Representative Marilyn Lee, Vice-Chair, FIN

Senate and House Conferees

Re: HB 2012 HD 1 SD1 SCHHA/Ho`okulāiwi Educational Initiative

Conference Committee

I respectfully request you to consider restoring the following item from the HD1 version of HB 2012 (but amending the positions to “permanent” per SB 3071):

Add (3) permanent positions and funds for Ho`okulāiwi: ‘Aha Ho`ona`auao `Ōiwi Initiative; this item is found on p. 443 of the HD1 Budget Worksheet (UOH 900).

This same Sovereign Councils of the Hawaiian Homelands Assembly (SCHHA)/UH Ho`okulāiwi program was the subject of SB 3071, the SD1 & HD1 versions of which contained an appropriation of $400,000 for three permanent positions and operation monies. Permanent positions would be preferable to temporary positions.

Please note that, while the appropriation will fund UH positions and operations, this initiative is a priority of the SCHHA which overseas the health and wellbeing of more than 50,000 beneficiaries residing in the communities of the Hawaiian Home Lands Trust and those on the waitlist. The primary purpose for this appropriation is to deliver critically needed teacher education/education programs in Hawaiian homestead communities of highest need—beginning with Molokai and Maui. The appropriation will also be used to support existing initiatives in Nānākuli/Wai`anae. The plan is to extend to other Hawaiian communities statewide in the near future

Schools in Hawaiian homestead communities have the highest failure rates in the state. We desperately need to improve educational opportunities for children in our communities of highest need. Please reinstate funding for our SCHHA/Ho`okulāiwi educational priority.


sendige@capitol.hawaii.gov, senkidani@capitol.hawaii.gov, sentsutsui@capitol.hawaii.gov, repmoshiro@capitol.hawaii.gov, replee@capitol.hawaii.gov, repsay@Capitol.hawaii.gov, senchunoakland@capitol.hawaii.gov, sendelacruz@capitol.hawaii.gov, senespero@capitol.hawaii.gov, senenglish@capitol.hawaii.gov, senfukunaga@capitol.hawaii.gov, senkahele@capitol.hawaii.gov, senkim@capitol.hawaii.gov, senkouchi@capitol.hawaii.gov, senryan@capitol.hawaii.gov, sentokuda@capitol.hawaii.gov, senwakai@capitol.hawaii.gov, senhee@capitol.hawaii.gov, senshimabukuro@capitol.hawaii.gov, repchoy@capitol.hawaii.gov, repcullen@capitol.hawaii.gov, repgiugni@capitol.hawaii.gov, rephar@capitol.hawaii.gov, rephashem@capitol.hawaii.gov, repichiyama@capitol.hawaii.gov, repjordan@capitol.hawaii.gov, repkawakami@capitol.hawaii.gov, repclee@capitol.hawaii.gov, repmorikawa@capitol.hawaii.gov, reptokioka@capitol.hawaii.gov, repyamashita@capitol.hawaii.gov, repmarumoto@capitol.hawaii.gov, repriviere@capitol.hawaii.gov, repward@capitol.hawaii.gov, repnishimoto@Capitol.hawaii.gov, repwooley@capitol.hawaii.gov, repcarroll@Capitol.hawaii.gov

[Note from Sen. Shimabukuro: For House Finance Chair Marcus Oshiro (and also for other Conference Committee members), I recommend using alternative means of communication in addition to email.  You may contact him at: House Finance Chair Marcus Oshiro, State Capitol Room 306, Honolulu, HI 96813, 586-6200 (phone), 586-6201 (facsimile)]

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