Hawaii State Senate recognizes Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii’s Youth of the Year 2012 Finalists

On Thursday, April 5, 2012 the Hawaii State Senate recognized the 12 statewide finalists for the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii’s Youth of the Year 2012.

Since 1976, the Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii has prepared our young people for leadership roles on all islands. The annual BGCH Youth of the Year program offers exceptional teens the opportunity to compete for the title of Youth of the Year at the organizational, state, regional, and national level. Youth of the Year finalists are selected by their respective clubhouses for their leadership, resilience, and demonstrated commitment to serve their families, communities, and the Boys and Girls Club organization.

In particular, the top 2 finalists were recognized on the Senate Chamber Floor. The other 10 finalists were also present in the Senate Gallery.

Residents of the Wai‘anae Coast are proud to have TWO of their own student leaders participating in this prestigious competition. They are encouraged by the willingness and ability of our young people to excel both in scholarship and in service to the community. David Teixeira of the Nanakuli Boys & Girls Club was one of the top 2 finalists, and Kaliko Kauai of the Waianae Boys and Girls Club was in the top 12.

[Sen. Shimabukuro’s floor comments introducing David Teixeira]:

Today, I have the honor to introduce David Teixeira, the first finalist for the title of Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year. He has been an active member of the Nanakuli Boys and Girls Club for the past four years. His hard work in learning the finer points of public speaking and essay writing, and developing his interviewing skills, have enabled him to reach the state level of this competition.

The Senate of the twenty-sixth Legislature congratulates David Teixeira on his selection as a state finalist—and wishes him, and all of the students who are being honored today, a bright future in Hawaii’s new generation of leaders.

Kaliko Kauai and David Teixeira with Sen. Shimabukuro on the Senate Chamber Floor


The 12 statewide finalists of the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii Youth of the Year 2012 competition with the members of the Hawaii State Senate


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