Testimony submitted by Sen. Shimabukuro re `Olelo Community Media Renewal Application

DCCA Public Hearing
‘Olelo Community Media Renewal Application
March 29, 2012

To: Keali’i Lopez, Director – Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs
From: Senator Maile S. L. Shimabukuro

As a Senator from a rural district on Oahu, I have come to appreciate the services provided to our community by ‘Olelo.  As a regular participant at Neighborhood Board meetings on the Wai’anae Coast, I am thankful that ‘Olelo has always been there—offering a dependable media link for residents who are unable to be present.

I am also pleased with what ‘Olelo has contributed to our community through its Wai’anae Enrichment Program, which has trained young people in developing media skills. Not only have our youth benefitted from ‘Olelo’s training programs.  Seniors, and people of all ages, have learned to create their own productions on local issues and topics of community concern.

As DCCA continues its negotiations for the renewal of ‘Olelo’s application as a Community Access Provider, I urge you to take into consideration the enormous progress made in community access television over the past quarter-century. The accomplishments of ‘Olelo and other PEG access organizations throughout our islands have been truly amazing.  Hopefully, through DCCA’s favorable action in this renewal process, they will continue their valuable service in the decades ahead.

I urge you not only to renew ‘Olelo’s application, but also to seek provide whatever additional funding is necessary for the entire public access system to expand its horizons and reach even more communities throughout the State of Hawaii.

Mahalo for this opportunity to offer testimony on a matter of great importance to our community.

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