MA’O Ma Town Fundraiser 5/12/12 & Donation Request

Make checks payable to “WCRC,” and send to Attn: MA’O Ma Town, P. O. Box 441, Wai`anae, HI  96792.  Fundraiser will take place at 86-210 Puhawai Road, Wai`anae.  For more information, contact Charlie Lacaden at or call her at 696-5569.   For additional information, visit MA’O’s website, by clicking here or going to:  [Click image to enlarge.]

From: Gary & Kukui Maunakea-Forth
Date: Mon, 4/16/12

Aloha Kākou,

We are once again hosting our annual fundraiser MA’O Ma Town 2012 @ MA’O Organic Farms. With that we would like to once again request your support in sending Wai’anae youth to college. To help fund these young farmers, make a donation in the form of an auction item for our Live or Silent Auction for this event. Please click on the link below to make a donation at the bottom of the page.

Attached is the Event Flyer and Donor Solicitation Letter (explains further action you can take and what and who your are contributing to)

Below is a little more information of this years event; Town Ma MA’O:

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Wai`anae Coast Student Film Festival April 27

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Junior Lifeguard Program Registration 4/28/12, 10am-3pm, @ Hale Nalu Surf Shop

City & County of Honolulu
Ocean Safety Division
District IV (Westside)
“Junior Lifeguard Program”
On-Site Registration at Hale Nalu Surf Shop on April 28, 2012 from 10:00am-3:00pm

Camping Permit Information from City & County

Camping permits are required to camp at City and County of Honolulu Family Campsites.  Camping is permitted starting from 8 am Friday through 8 am on either Monday or Wednesday depending on the campground.  There is no camping allowed on Wednesday and Thursday.

Family Campsite camping permits are made available starting at 5:00 p.m. two Fridays before the Friday that you wish to camp.

You may obtain available permits on-line at

Walk-in Camping Permits will not be available until the next business day following the Friday release.  Application may be made at the Frank Fasi Municipal Building, 650 South King St., DPR Permits Office.  Permits will be made available while supply lasts.

Each camper may obtain only one permit per camping week.  Permit holder must be at least 18 years of age.  A camping permit limits you to ten persons per campsite, children included, and two family sized tents.  Campers are required to abide by the camping rules, available for review at .

For additional information, please see our FAQ page at , email us at , or call the DPR Permits office camping phone number at 768-2267.


  1. LOGON to
  2. go to SIGN IN (green bar, top of the page)
  3. go to SIGN UP (near the middle of the page)
  4. fill fields (phone numbers must include area code)
  5. Select SUBMIT
  6. you will be directed to your email account to confirm your application
  7. you now have an active account


  1. Friday before 5pm
  2. Logon to
  3. sign in
  4. enter your email
  5. enter your password
  6. navigate to your desired campground using either the Campgrounds button or using the navigation arrows left or right of the mayors portrait
  7. at your campground ensure that the date is correct in the Date box and select the search box
  8. at 5pm all campsites should turn green
  9. move the cursor to the numbered campsite and Select
  10. check the box at “ I agree…”
  11. Select SUBMIT
  12. verify information
  13. complete the ReCaptcha box (should be two groups of characters)
  14. Select SUBMIT
  15. PRINT permit

Child Sex Abuse Bill Signed into Law on 4/24/12

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Governor Abercrombie approved SB2588/Act 68 on 4/24/12, a bill introduced by Sen. Shimabukuro.

SB 2588 SD1 extends the statute of limitations (SOL) for civil actions brought by persons subjected to sexual offenses as a minor against the person who committed the act.  It increases the time limit to bring these civil lawsuits going forward as follows: 8 years from when the victim turns 18, or 3 years from when the victim realizes his/her injury is due to sexual offense.  (Note: Previous law was 2 years in both instances).

The bill also revives for a 2 year period certain actions for which the statute of limitations had previously lapsed.

Several testifiers feared that false claims may damage reputations, and that claims brought many years after the fact are hard to defend.  Furthermore, some believe that it is unfair that this bill exempts the state.

First, in regards to the question of state exemption, the Attorney General and the City testified that the exemption is necessary to ensure compliance with existing law, which sets specific SOL’s for state and county government.

Regarding false claims, the bill allows defendants to be awarded attorney’s fees if the court finds that a claim has been filed maliciously.  To prevent false claims, the bill states that the attorney for the plaintiff shall file a certificate of merit, which shall include a notarized statement by either a psychologist, marriage and family therapist, mental health counselor, or clinical social worker.

Finally, in response to those concerned about due process, there is testimony from a nationally recognized authority on the subject that due process concerns over similar legislation in other states have withstood challenges in courts of appeal.

SB2588/Act 68 gives some measure of hope and remedy for individuals who were victimized and traumatized by abuse in their formative years … and have been forced to bear this burden far into adulthood.  Click here or on the following link to view additional information about the bill, including testimony, committee reports, previous versions, etc.:

To view the Governor’s Message, click here or on the following link:

SB2588 GM1169 Act 068

UPDATE 5.4.12

Click to enlarge Governor Abercrombie’s message re SB2588.

UPDATE 2.20.13
See NY Times Editorial Refers to Child Sex Abuse Bill Introduced by Sen. Shimabukuro (posted 5.7.12).
Also see Preliminary Approval for $5.75 Million Settlement Against State for Covering Up Years of Sexual Abuse of Students (posted 2.20.13).

Legislative Updates & Community Concerns

Senator Maile Shimabukuro

Aloha! Please find my responses below to various concerns raised by community members:

What is the City doing with all the pipe work along Pokai Bay St. and Farrington Hwy?

The work along Farrington Highway is a City Sewer rehabilitation project entitled, Makaha Interceptor Sewer Rehabilitation/Replacement (DDC Wastewater Project No. W4-08) – TP2012-02-0147. The big black tubes are part of the sewer bypass system while the sewer line is being rehabilitated. The contractor has been expediting the project and hoped to complete this 1st phase around the end of April. Starting around May, the City plans to take down the bypass piping and moving it to phase 2 which is all on Pokai Bay Street . Phase 2 (on Pokai Bay Street) will require about 2 to 3 weeks to set up the bypass and about 3 to 4 weeks to clean and install the cast in place pipe liner (CIPP). The City is also replacing fencing that had collapsed along the Pokai Bay Ditch, and will be advertising for bids for a future project involving the replacement of the concrete ramp of the ditch.

What is being done about the tire dumping along Hakimo Road and surrounding areas?

The City’s Environmental Services Refuse Division at the Waianae Collection yard (co-located at the Waianae Wastewater Treatment Plant) picked up trash and tires along Paakea Road in March 2012. The City is aware that there still remains a lot of trash in the area, and they are trying their best to manage it. Further, I sponsored SB3006, which sets up a task force to propose solutions to the 2013 Legislature to the tire dumping problem.

Concerns regarding HB 2883, asking for a Makaha Flood Study

I continue to stand in full support of this measure, sponsored by Rep. Jo Jordan, and asking for $500,000. I realize there are concerns that the Makaha Bridge project may cause flooding. I believe this makes it even more critical to support HB2883, so that flooding problems in the Makaha region can be studied.

What is being done about flooding along Paakea Road and surrounding areas?

I am happy to report that the Senate draft of the budget (HB2012, SD1), contains one of my top priorities, which is $2m for flood mitigation along Paakea Road and surrounding areas. I have urged Conference Committee members to keep this critical item in the budget.

What is the status of WCCHC’s Emergency Room funding request?

I am also happy to report that HB2012 SD1 contains another one of my top priorities, which is $2m for WCCHC’s emergency room upgrades and expansion. Further, HB 304 appropriates $332,000 in operating funds for WCCHC’s emergency room. Again, I urged Budget Conference Committee members to support WCCHC’s emergency room.

Kea’au beach clean-up: Everyone is concerned because there is not enough space in the shelters to house all the homeless. Also, a lot of them will not want to go because of their pets, where will those people end up?

According to a City official I spoke to in mid-April, they had helped to transition all but approximately 150 individuals off of Kea`au beach. The City was hopeful to be able to find solutions for the remaining persons prior to the April 17 sweep. The City had been handing out flyers with referrals to various agencies for homeless assistance, such as WCCHC (697-3586), Waianae Community Outreach (696-5667), Access Line (832-3100), Humane Society (356-2250), and K9 Kokua (853-7268). In regards to the pet issue, I have followed up with K9 Kokua, who was considering a proposal to build a kennel and dog park at one of the homeless shelters in Kalaeloa. I encouraged K9 Kokua to apply for a “Grant-in-Aid” (GIA) in January 2013.

I was saddened to learn during a meeting at Kea`au that several people living there could not afford Hawaiian homestead lots they had been offered in the past. I introduced a measure, SB2639, this session which I hoped would help address this situation. SB2639 would have allowed DHHL awardees to live on vacant lots for up to 5 years in temporary structures while building their own homes. SB2639 would have also allowed awardees to build “off the grid” homes under DHHL’s “Kuleana Program,” as well as traditional Hawaiian hale and halau as authorized by HRS 46-1.55. SB2639 was deferred by the House Hawaiian Affairs Committee, who believed it was “premature.” I urge our community to push for this legislation in the future.

Concerns regarding Green Homes, such as use of canal water for dust control, insufficient dust net, use of driveways, and other questions regarding the status of the project.

According to the City Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP), permits are not required to draw seawater from drainage canals. Further, in January 2012, DPP stated that Green Homes was in the process of obtaining building permits, and that it received various exemptions as an affordable housing project under Sec 201-H, HRS. DPP provided the link to the City Council resolution granting exemptions to Green Homes, which was silent on the issue of dust control: http://docsiis01:8080/docushare/dsweb/Get/Document-179678/5bsrht0g.pdf

I referred area homeowners to Kathy Sokugawa of DPP to try to further address their concerns, at or 768-8001. I also referred homeowners to Small Claims Court (954-8575) to file individual damage claims for $5,000 or less.

Nanakuli Lady Hawks – OIA softball champs!

From Patty Teruya:


Nanakuli Lady Hawks Varsity captured its first Oahu Interscholastic Association softball title, defeating Kalaheo 12-2 on Friday at Central Oahu Regional Park.

“Our community are really proud of the ladies, the team worked very hard to get to the top” ….. the last time a OIA win was back in 1990 for Nanakuli High School.

The Golden Hawks sure made it known that their time finally arrived!

They are heading to the State to be held at UH Rainbow Wahine field.

Stay tuned!

Aloha Ke Akua!
Patty Kahanamoku Teruya

For more information about Nanakuli High & Intermediate School, click here or visit this link:

Photo below added by JS on 4.27.12:

From Star-Advertiser April 24, 2012.

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