Makaha Waterman Mel Pu’u Testifies in Support of Lifeguard Bargaining Unit Bill

Mel Pu’u (pictured) spoke in strong support of SB2967, which creates a new bargaining unit for ocean and water safety officers. Click here to view the bill status.

Frank Ruiz of Waianae Testifies in Support of Ocean Clean Up Bill

Frank Ruiz of Waianae, who suggested this bill to Sen. Shimabukuro, testifying.

SB 2906 authorizes the use of jet skis for ocean clean ups.  Frank Ruiz of Waianae suggested this bill to Sen. Shimabukuro, and testified in support of the measure on 2/23/12.  The Senate has passed this bill, which will now “cross over” to the House for their consideration.  Here is a link to the status of the bill: